Different Types Of face Makeup You Should Know About

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Types of face makeup

Types of face makeup

Among the Types Of Makeup that are applied to the body are deodorants, lotions, powders, perfumes, baby products, bath oils, bubble baths, bath salts and body creams.

For hands and nails we have nail polish for hands and feet, and hand sanitizer.

For hair : permanent hair dyes, hair lacquers and gels.

Within cosmetics intended for makeup, there are two types of makeup: decorative makeup , intended to alter the appearance, and makeup for skin care , to repair or hide imperfections.

Makeup that is applied to the face and around the eyes is usually applied with a brush, a makeup sponge, or the fingertips.

Most cosmetics and types of makeup are classified according to the area of the body in which they are applied.


Types of face makeup:

First :

It comes in formulas to adapt to the individual skin conditions. Most are intended to reduce the appearance of pore size, make makeup last longer in conditions and allow a lighter application of makeup. The primers are applied before the base or foundation.
Lipstick , lip gloss , lip liner , lip plumper (fuller lips), lip balm , conditioner lip,first lip, lip boosters

and lip butters:

Lipsticks are intended to add color and texture to lips in a wide range of colors and with matte, satin and gloss type finishes. The product can come with an applicator brush, ball, or applied with your finger. Lip gloss gives lip gloss and can add a shade of color, as well as being scented or flavored. Lip balms are the most used to moisturize and protect the lips. They often include sun protection.

Concealer :

Covers skin imperfections. It is often used to cover spots, dark circles and other imperfections. The concealer is usually thicker and more solid than the foundation, and lasts longer. Some are specific to the face and others to the eyes. This product can also be used for the contour of the face and nose, cheekbones and jaw.

Foundation or base :

Used to soften the face and cover spots or uneven skin color. In these types of makeup, it usually comes in liquid, cream or powder, and more recently in foam. The base provides light or complete coverage. The foundation primer can be applied before or after the base to obtain a smoother finish. Some primers come in the form of powder or liquid to be applied before the foundation as a base, while others come in the form of a spray that is applied after the foundation to help make the makeup last longer.

Face powder :

Establishes the base, giving it a matt finish, and conceals small defects or imperfections. It can also be used to give the base consistency to last longer. Facial powders with coloration can be used alone as a light base. See types of face powders .

Blusher :

Highlights the color on the cheeks and cheekbones so that they appear more defined. The blusher comes in powder, cream and liquids.

Contour :

Powders and creams to define the features of the face. You can get a thinner face or slightly change the way you want. To create an illusion of depth, a darker shade is used than the skin tone and matte finish. Contour products create the illusion of depth. To achieve a more natural tone you can use concealer or base of a tone somewhat darker than the skin instead of the contour.

Highlighter :

Serves to draw attention to the high points of the face, as well as to add shine. It comes in the form of liquid, cream and powder. To create a more natural look, concealer or base of a somewhat darker tone than the skin can be used instead of the highlighter.

Bronzer :

Gives the skin a little color by adding gold or bronze shine and highlighting the cheekbones, in addition to being used for contouring. The bronzer is considered to give a natural appearance and can be used for daily use.

The bronzer enhances the color of the face while adding some shine to the look. It comes in matt, semi matt – satin and gloss finishes.

Mascara :

Used to darken, lengthen, thicken, or highlight the eyelashes. It is available in natural colors such as brown and black, but it also comes in bolder colors such as blue, pink or purple. Some masks include glitter spots.

There are many formulas, including waterproof versions for those prone to allergies or sudden tears. It is often used after eyelash curler and mascara. Many masks have components to help make eyelashes look longer and thicker.

Types of face makeup


Used to improve and lengthen the size of the eye. For example, the use of white eyeliner in the tear line and in the inner corners of the eye helps make the eyes look bigger and more awake.Eyebrow pencils , creams, waxes, gels and powders have color and define the eyebrows.

Nail polish :

Used to give color to the nails of the hands and feet. Transparent or colorless enamels can strengthen the nails or act as a protective layer of the nails or enamel.

Spray fixative :

It is used as the last stage in the process of applying makeup. Keeps makeup in perfect condition for long periods of time. Another option is the fixing powder, which can be pigmented or translucent. Both products prevent the makeup from being absorbed by the skin or from decomposing.

False eyelashes:

Frequently used when exaggerated and extravagant eyelashes are desired. Its basic design consists of human hair or synthetic materials attached to a band similar to the fine fabric, which is applied with an eyelash glue to the eyelash line. The designs range from short eyelashes, natural looking to extremely long, with faint colors or with rainbow colors.

Cleanser :

it is used to remove makeup products applied to the skin. Cleanses the skin before other procedures, such as applying the lotion before bedtime.

Types of face makeup

Types of face cleansing cosmetics:


Types of cotton cleaning discs Cleaning is a standard step in the skincare routine. The skin cleansing includes any or all of these steps or cosmetics or makeup types:

Tonics :

They are used after cleaning the skin to refresh it and eliminate any other cleaning product, mask or makeup, as well as to help restore the skin’s natural pH. They are usually applied with a cotton pad on the skin, but can be sprayed on the skin with a spray.

The tonics usually contain alcohol, water, and herbal extracts or other chemicals depending on the type of skin. Alcohol tonics are quite astringent, and are usually aimed at oily skin.

Dry or normal skin should be treated with alcohol-free tonics. Some tonics contain salicylic acid and / or benzoyl peroxide and are recommended for oily or acne-prone skin.

Facial masks :

These are treatments that are applied to the skin and then removed. They are usually applied to the dry, clean face and avoiding the eyes and lips. Facial masks can be clay based, gel peel masks or sheet masks, made of cotton or fiber.

Exfoliants :

They are products that help remove dead skin cells from dry skin, to improve the appearance of the skin. This is achieved through the use of mild acids or other chemicals to release old skin cells, or abrasive substances to directly tear them away.

Exfoliation can match patches of rough skin, improve skin circulation, clear blocked pores to prevent acne and improve the appearance and healing of scars. The scrubs can be chemical (gel or liquid) or abrasive (gel, cream, lotion).


Are creams or lotions that moisturize the skin and help retain moisture. They may contain essential oils, herbal extracts or chemicals to help control fat or reduce irritation. Night creams are typically more moisturizing than day creams.

They are usually applied with the fingers or with a cotton disk over the entire face, avoiding the area of the lips and around the eyes. The eyes require a different type of moisturizer. The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive, and is often the first area to show signs of aging. Eye creams are usually very soft lotions or gels.


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