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How to Make a Short Throw Projector

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One of the biggest concerns we usually have before creating our home theater is the distance at which we should place the projector to achieve a screen size according to our needs.

Therefore, choosing how to make a short-throw projector can be a fantastic option for all those who do not have enough space in their home or simply want to take advantage of all the advantages offered by these types of devices.

During the last years, these last generation equipment are revolutionizing the market thanks to the infinite possibilities that they offer us to take our domestic entertainment to a much more spectacular level.

Would you like to know which are the most recommended models to start enjoying your movies, series and video games on the big screen?

What is a short throw projector?

Many customers ask us what is the difference between a projector of short throw to one of normal shot , we usually show them the operation of both to see the differences, however it never hurts to explain it technically and answer some of the most common questions such as Can it be mounted on the ceiling? , How far should I put it ?

What does “range of fire” mean?

When manufacturers talk about shooting a projector, they refer to the distance that the projector will need to “throw” an image and get the size you want.

Often (but not always), the shot with two letters will be indicated at the end of the model, such as the BenQ HT1085ST. The “ST” at the end represents – you guessed it – “short throw” in English or “short throw” in Spanish.

The difference in the distance of a projector is decided by the type of lens you use, also the price. Long throws are cheaper than short throws, due to the quality and quantity of glass they use.

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Long range projectors:

They may require 2 meters or more to reach 100 inches . The advantage of the long throw (in addition to the price), is that they are perfect for large rooms or large spaces such as business presentations or events. However, if you zoom in, the image will become small.

The cheapest high-definition short-range projector:

We start with the fifth place on our list with the PH450UG model of the renowned LG brand , a video projector that stands out, among other reasons, for being one of the most economical short distance projectors that we can find for sale in the market.

This equipment has the ability to generate a screen size of up to 80 inches at 33 cm from the wall reaching HD resolution (720p).

In addition, regarding the visual aspect we cannot complain, since it comes with an LED lamp of up to 30,000 hours of life with 540 ANSI lumens of power together with a spectacular contrast ratio of 100,000: 1 . It is also compatible with 3D image playback .

Although what is most surprising about this short throw video projector is its optimized portability, since it incorporates an integrated battery of 2.5 hours of autonomy , dimensions of 20.1 x 13.2 x 8.1 cm and a weight of 1, 1 kilograms We can project anywhere without the need for cables of any kind wirelessly, if we wish.

A defect? Although it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, the truth is that in terms of connectivity it is a bit limited because it only has a USB port , an HDMI input compatible with MHL and a 3.5 mm jack jack for headphones .

However, they are more than enough to play content from external devices such as hard drives, flash drives , smartphones , game consoles or Blu-ray players, among others.

Short throw projectors:

They have lenses that can create a much larger image over smaller distances, with a short shot to reach 100 inches requires only 1 meter .

Another benefit of buying a short throw projector is one of the most obvious: less space between the projector and the screen means that people who don’t get in the way, result in fewer accidents and better image quality.

Short throw projectors are perfect for homes, apartments, school classrooms and virtually anywhere with limited space. However, these advantages have their cost, at approximately you must spend between $ 2,500.00 to $ 5,000.00 pesos more if you want to buy a short shot.

The best short throw projector:

We reached second place with the fantastic HF65LSR of the renowned LG brand , an ultra-short projector that is capable of generating a screen size of 100 ″ just 38 centimeters away. A full-fledged TOP sales!

How could it be otherwise, it reproduces images in Full HD resolution (1,080p) next to a long-lasting LED lamp (up to 30,000 hours of life) with 1,000 ANSI lumens of power.

It is worth mentioning that the visual quality is simply amazing because apart from integrating MEMC processing technology , which improves the fluidity between frames achieving a smoother and more defined movement, it offers an impressive contrast ratio of 150,000: 1 , so we will enjoy Totally deep images, full of details in both whites and dark tones.

A level of connectivity is also quite gifted as it includes two ports HDMI compatible with MHL , two inputs USB , one Ethernet , a connection of optical digital audio and jack 3.5mm headphone jack.

In addition, we are talking about a wireless device, so we can project wirelessly from any mobile device through Screen Share or Miracast .

Something bad? We must say that this model is not compatible with 3D technology. Even so, we are facing a very important option, since if we think about it, we usually do not usually watch many movies in three dimensions on a regular basis, right?

“Ultra-short throw” projectors:

They project an image of 100 inches only 40 centimeters away . These projectors are commonly used in school classrooms and offices, since a large number of them have interactive technology, however “why not?” They can be useful in homes or apartments with very little space.

There are already several brands that are slowly taking the segment of the ultra-short shot to use in homes , such as the LG PT-F1000U that has Bluetooth, Miracast and even to connect the antenna of your TV.

The best ultra short projector due to its quality:

And the winner of our list is the HD31UST model of the relevant Optoma brand , a short throw projector that although it is going unnoticed by the market, has characteristics worthy of taking first place on its own merits without any doubt.

We start talking about its resolution, which of course reaches a Full HD definition (1,080p) with which it manages to generate a screen size of 100 ″ at 30 cm away thanks to an ultra-short lens integrated into the lens.

In addition, it comes with an extraordinary lamp with 3,400 ANSI lumens of power that together with a good contrast ratio of 28,000: 1 guarantees us completely crisp, bright, detailed and colorful images with which we will enjoy our home cinema to the fullest .

As if that were not enough, its projection technology is DLP and reproduces the color range Rec. 709 optimizing the accuracy of colors in movies, television programs, sports, series or video games.

Haven’t you fallen in love with him yet? Well, let us tell you that this model does have the capacity to reproduce 3D content , an aspect that opens that door that takes us directly inside the screen.

It also includes two HDMI inputs compatible with MHL , two USB ports , VGA, YPbPr, RS-232, RJ-45 as well as audio input and output. In this way, it will be as simple as connecting any external device ( pen drives , hard drives, computers, Blu-ray players , game consoles or smartphones ) to view our files on the big screen in our home theater.

Without forgetting that we also have the possibility of turning it into a smart projector by connecting a Fire TV Stick device with which to view all the content of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Youtube, HBO, Amazon Prime Video or Movistar + wirelessly through the WiFi connection of our home. A brutal experience!

Which one do I need to buy?

On the one hand, long shots may be cheaper than short shots, but they are not for small places . It can be annoying when your friends or family are watching a movie, one of them gets up and hinders the most important scene .

For wide spaces definitely a long shot, for tight spaces definitely a short throw projector. It can be useful in long shots to install it on the ceiling as high as possible so as not to have problems with the projection, short shots can also be installed on the ceiling, ultra short ones such as very little space are usually placed on a desk or It is mounted from the wall with an arm support.

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