Projectors for Home Theater You Need To Know

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Are you throwing an old-school movie night outdoors? If so, you need the best outdoor projectors to elevate the entire experience. Outdoor projectors are an investment worthwhile for years and years.

You can use them in parks and yards when you are watching a great game or having a movie night. They are also perfect for camping trips or tailgating trips.

Currently, there are no projectors designed exclusively for outdoors. However, most home theater projectors, even commercial models, can be easily configured outdoors.

Don’t worry because, under the right safety conditions and precautions, you can take things to the next level with almost any projector.

What resolution is right for you?

Resolution basically refers to the amount of pixels that an outdoor project is capable of displaying. So, virtually, the more pixels the projector fits in space, the higher the resolution of an image and the more details you get.

Outdoor best projectors for home theater usually have one of the following resolutions:

Best Projectors for Home Theater

Outdoor projectors SVGA resolution – 800 × 600:

SVGA projectors are low resolution devices that cover a wide range of screen resolution standards. They are more affordable than high-end display standards, but offer a decent amount of detail for basic applications.

They are also more affordable. In addition, they create an aspect ratio of 4: 3, which is suitable for projecting simple graphics, data and videos.

Outdoor projectors WXGA resolution – 1280 × 800

WXGA projectors are a widescreen standard that is most frequently used in many basic level outdoor projectors. They show even more details and clearer images, while having an economical price.

With a wider aspect ratio of 16:10, its horizontal pixels represent almost double the number of vertical pixels.

Outdoor projectors WUXGA resolution – 1920 × 1080

WUXGA projectors are ideal for large spaces that require bright and high definition content. They can display full 1080p video sources and still have additional pixels for graphic elements.

The Widescreen Ultra Extended graphics matrix allows unique system designs for large screen video applications. Gives the projected image more height than the standard 16 × 9 screen.

Can you rely on the built-in speakers of the outdoor projectors?

Like television, most outdoor projects are not designed to offer excellent sound quality. They often have 1 or 3 watt speakers, which are not suitable in most situations. Therefore, we recommend investing in a separate sound system to achieve a real home theater experience.

If you crave the convenience of an all-in-one solution, opt for a projector with speakers of at least 10 watts. Otherwise, invest in a dedicated speaker system for an authentic home theater experience.

Why do you need high quality outdoor projectors?

With the growth of online streaming services, you can now enjoy shows and movies from the comfort of your home, especially if you have a home theater system.

If you are considering the projection of your home theater for outdoor movie nights and camping trips, you should get high quality outdoor projectors.

Large screen televisions can have impressive picture quality, but they are not the best option. Outdoor projects have multiple advantages that you could benefit from.

Compact size: outdoor projectors have never had problems with their size. Its small size advantage allows easy storage when not in use and maintains a subtle presence in your entertainment space. They are also aesthetically neutral. In addition, they maximize space. You can easily place them on a shelf or table.

Portability: outdoor projectors are not only small, but also lightweight. They usually weigh between 2 and 20 pounds, so you won’t have trouble moving them. You can take the projector to your friend’s house or even make an outdoor projection on a warm summer afternoon. The only limits are access to electricity and the surface to project.

Eye comfort: when it comes to eye comfort, outdoor projectors offer two advantages. They have larger screen sizes, which show larger letters that are easier to see and easier to read. They also have a reflected light effect that makes it more comfortable to watch than large screen televisions.

Customizable screen size:

The main advantage of outdoor projectors is that you can set the screen size to the size you want. They can operate across any surface, but users often project them on specially made screens and white-painted walls to ensure quality. They easily fit the screen size requirements, so you don’t have to buy the technology again.

Large images: outdoor projectors do not have a size limit. At their base level, they are naturally larger than televisions. Therefore, they produce larger images to offer a theater experience. The size of the projections depends on how far they are from the screen. The further they are, the greater the projection.

Value: Taking into account the technological and practical advantages of outdoor projectors, they are reasonably priced. They have an excellent cost-benefit ratio and have the lowest cost per inch screen. You can get a decent outdoor projector and a 100-inch screen for less than a thousand dollars.

Characteristics of high quality outdoor projectors:

The best outdoor projectors allow you to play HD movie games wherever you go. They are a cost effective solution that can host your movie and display outdoor games.

Many projectors are flooding the market, claiming they can do digital magic. This could be misleading for first time buyers. To ensure you finish with high quality products, consider these features:


The best outdoor projectors feature high contrast, high resolution and high brightness. Your images can leave you breathless. They have more than 2000 lumens for a brighter screen.

They must also reproduce at least in HD resolution to ensure quality. In addition, they can have 3D capability, so you can entertain your friends and enjoy your favorite movies during warm summer nights.


Since outdoor projectors are not televisions, you may need to buy a receiver and a speaker. However, the best products also come with sound technology that offers surround sound.

This means you don’t have to buy speakers. However, there are still many high quality projector speakers on the market, in case you need one.


Thanks to technological advances, outdoor projectors are now lightweight. Ten years ago, they still weighed around 90 pounds, excluding the case. At least two people are required to move them.

Today, they can weigh less than pounds, which translates into greater mobility. This is a great advantage for people who do outdoor events.


Outdoor projectors may look like outdated equipment, but they can create serious vibrations in the smart home. With the correct settings, you can connect your Chromecast or Apple TV to watch your favorite shows and movies.

You can also link your DVD player and video game console for the best gaming experience. In addition, you can connect your Android phone to your outdoor projector with a Mini HDMI to HDMI converter cable.


The best outdoor projectors also come with additional features that make them stand out from the competition. Some products come with a built-in stereo system that makes each sound clear.

Others have a tripod to help keep them in place. Other additional features that you should keep in mind are the remote control, the vents and the smartphone connectivity.

How many lumens should the outdoor projectors have?

Outdoor projectors must have at least 2000 to 2500 lumens to offer an excellent experience. Of course, the more lumens, the better. If you plan to use them at twilight, you should opt for products with more than 3000 lumens.

Yes it is. During the day, 4000 lumens are recommended. Keep in mind that you cannot compete with the sun, so it is better to place the projected image in a very shaded area.

Are outdoor projectors weatherproof?

Although it is safe to leave the projectors outdoors outside, they are not weatherproof. They can begin to wear, break and eventually fall apart when the sun, wind and rain are taken into account.

The rain does not mix well with electricity either. Also, make sure the projectors are not in full glare to make sure they do not overheat.

Which is better: outdoor televisions or projectors?

If you plan to entertain your friends with movies or watch movies this summer, it is best to do so with outdoor projectors. They are much more profitable in terms of screen size for your dollar.

They can also achieve higher resolutions that save you from visual fatigue. In addition, they do not take up much space and are more portable due to their small size.

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