Types of Baby Skin Care

Types of Baby Skin Care

Types of Baby Skin Care

Babies develop a myriad of skin conditions during the first months of life. These include milk crust, diaper dermatitis, toxic erythema, milia, childhood acne and others. Some are caused by normal hormonal changes or immature pores, while others are caused by inflammation or, rarely, by an infection.

The skin of babies is thinner, more fragile and more sensitive than that of adults. It is also less resistant to bacteria and triggers that can irritate the skin (for example, wool, heat).

The types of skin includes a barrier that prevents the loss of too much moisture and protects the skin from harmful germs or irritants.

Proper cleaning, hydration and sun protection will help maintain your baby’s skin barrier and prevent future skin problems.

Premature babies (less than 37 weeks gestation) have an immature skin barrier and may require special skin care. Your GP or medical team can provide recommendations based on the gestation of your child at birth.

Types of Baby Skin Care:


Be careful when you bathe your baby:

Bath time is a great opportunity to bond with your little one, but bathing too often (more than once a day), using the wrong bath products or having too hot bath water can irritate your baby’s skin.

To bathe your little one while keeping up with the best baby skin care practices, make sure the bath water is about 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use non-rinse cleaners:

If you decide not to bathe your baby every day, you can keep your skin clean on days off with micellar water such as Mustela’s rinse-free cleansing water. This will remove dirt from your baby’s pores and prevent any irritation.

Change your baby’s diapers when necessary:

It may seem that your child’s diaper is constantly dirty, but it is important to change it as soon as it becomes dirty.

Leaving your little one is a dirty diaper that can cause infections or a rash. While it can be laborious, it is crucial to keep your little one in a clean diaper.

It is also worth noting here that it is okay to let your little one spend some time in his birthday suit after removing a dirty diaper and cleaning the bottom. This will allow your skin to breathe and the excess moisture to evaporate.

Types of Baby Skin Care

Keep your baby’s skin hydrated:

As with any adult skin care routine, hydration is an essential step in caring for the baby’s skin. At least once a day, carefully moisten your baby’s entire body and face with a mild moisturizer or body lotion on normal skin, or a cold cream treatment on dry skin.

Give your baby a gentle massage:

While moisturizing your baby’s skin, take the opportunity to briefly massage your baby if you enjoy it.

Gently massage your baby’s entire body with its moisturizing product until it has completely penetrated your skin, or use a massage oil specially designed for babies.

The massage is not only very effective to relax your baby as a preparation for sleep, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to join your little one.

Don’t forget the easy places to lose:

Your baby’s body has many corners and cracks, so be sure to clean and hydrate all those hard-to-reach places.

Remember to check the area behind your baby’s ears regularly. This place is often overlooked, but it is prone to rashes and dryness. For your baby’s lips and exposed sensitive areas, use a moisturizing stick.

Protect Your Baby’s Skin From The Elements:

Since your child’s skin is so sensitive, it is important to keep it covered to protect it from the elements. When you go out with your baby during the fall or winter months, completely cover sensitive areas (head, nose, throat, ears, hands, etc.) with a hat, scarf, gloves, etc.

It will protect your child not only from colds, but also from the drying effects of cold air.

You saw your baby in layers:

Because your little one may get too hot or have a little cold, it is better to always dress it in layers.When your baby looks nervous and feels warm, simply remove a layer.

If they seem uncomfortable and your body feels cold, simply add an additional layer to warm them. This is an effective way to keep them happy and it is important for baby’s skin care.

It is no secret that babies have sensitive and delicate skin. With the right baby skin care products, such as Mustela’s, and the eight tips we’ve listed here, you’ll take care of your baby’s skin like a professional.

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