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Types of birthday candles you can use

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types of Birthday Candles

If someone asks you what should be in your party besides the cake, you will say that birthday candles are irreplaceable. Can you imagine your friends and family singing Happy Birthday to you without candles to blow? But it can be worse. There would be 3 wishes to ask before turning them all off. This is why they are so important.

Of course, you can not use ordinary birthday candles for the party, they must go with their style and personality.

Luckily there are a thousand designs with an infinite variety of colors, shapes, and sizes so you can choose the most special and particular of all.

types of  Birthday Candles

The birthday cakes are always key players in any celebration, whether birthday, anniversary or special day. Of course, the type of candle must be according to the tastes of the protagonist of the occasion.

Also, they can have designs with superheroes or a more serious style depending on the moment.

But there is something just as important as the cake. Can you imagine a birthday cake without candles? Of course not. That is why we prepare a selection with our best candles so that the celebration is unique.

Types of birthday candles:

Shooting star candles:

If you are one of those looking to get out of the traditional, these birthday candles are the ones for you. As you can see, some people decide to put aside the classic cake and prepare delicious cupcakes where each one will carry a candle.

But it is not a common one. They will carry shooting star birthday candles. The main characteristic is that when you turn them on they start to make very entertaining flashes of light. Remember to smile because there will be many photos!

Candles of your favorite characters:

Children always want to have candles of their favorite characters. They will be perfect for the birthday cake. You can choose the designs of Soy Luna, Minnie, the magical world of Elsa and Anna in Frozen, and many more.

There are also the Minions characters and all the mystery of Peter Parker known as Spiderman. At Argos, we have thousands of types of birthday candles that you are sure to love.

Birthday candles with numbers:

Although they are the classic ones that are present in all festivities, they fulfill their function perfectly. They are also used in people with different types of ages; from a little one who is one year old to a 90-year-old grandfather, through those who reach their 30th birthday.

Thus, all those attending the celebration will celebrate a new year of life with the entertained person. Keep in mind that candles are a complement to the rest of the decoration so they have to be in a harmonious way.

Animal Print Candles:

Do you want candles with a very particular touch? These birthday cake candles come with an animal print design that is being used a lot lately.

Now that you have seen many options, types, and styles of candles, all you need to do is decide on one to make the cake look extraordinary.

Like birthday candle:

Social networks are very fashionable, so having a candle in the shape of a Like will be something that everyone will love. Undoubtedly, birthday cakes look amazing with this detail.

Always at the best time:

Celebrating a birthday, anniversary or special date is always a good time. This candle will be perfect in a cake. Always remember that the candle matches the colors and design of the cake.

types of  Birthday Candles

Long candle with dots:

They are preferred by children. They love the colors and the joy they bring to the cake. Each of them comes with white dots and in shades of green, light blue, violet, pink, among others.

The perfect candle for baby girl shower:

If you are a mom, you are about to be or you are organizing a party for your sister or best friend, these types of birthday cake candles are the best. They come in different fun shapes.

Glamor girls candle:

They are candles that have different shapes; mirror, lipstick, and perfume, among others. They are ideal for teenagers starting to put on makeup as well as for older women. It gives it that special touch that they love.

Sailing football shirt:

Soccer is a passion that must even be reflected in a birthday candle. If the idea is that the cake is a football stadium, nothing better than the candle in the form of shirts. The party will be a true victory!

Firefighter candle:

All children always play at being a policeman or a firefighter, thus helping people. This type of candle comes with different designs, always in red.

Candle beer:

If the birthday of an adult is coming, nothing better than this detail. Thus, birthday cakes will not only be delicious, but they will also look very fun

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