There Are Different Types of car Racing Seats

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Types of car Racing Seats

Types of car Racing Seats

Whether you are simply looking to improve the look inside your daily driver or try your best on the track, the large selection of aftermarket Types of car Racing Seats has the perfect answer to your needs.

We discovered that one of the biggest mistakes that drifters make for the first time is not improving their seats before attending their first drift day, insisting that stock seats will be fine for now.

After some incomplete corners that eventually end up in an awkward situation, since they end up sharing the passenger seat with their friend, they will find themselves in the interwebs looking for the ideal solution to ensure that their next experience is much less embarrassing one. Sounds familiar?

If so, we have created this guide just for you!

As with everything, with popularity it comes sometimes you can cut corners. We are talking about saving those precious dollars to get you some of the freshest “Fride” new designs, straight from China.

False seats have become a big problem in the setting scene of the aftermarket, as owners want the best view at the cheapest price.

We can understand the appeal of this, especially when you are doing your best on a budget, but the seats are an essential part of car safety, and we have seen that some of these “replica” seats fold down and break terribly easily. For that reason, we recommend avoiding fake / replica or “style” brand seats at all costs.

We would ONLY buy Types of car Racing Seats from accredited companies, as there are some deceptive smart brands that have no concern for their safety.

Types of car Racing Seats:


Bride Gias II:

The seat manufacturer JDM Bride is undoubtedly one of the most sought after brands in regards to the aftermarket seats, and it’s easy to see why.

Not only do they look amazing, but they are also extremely light and comfortable. Your Gias II model will be the perfect choice for daily driving or occasional track use. With deep sides to keep you comfortable in the seat, you won’t go anywhere if you opt for these.

If you are looking for a lower alternative to these seats, you will want to consult the Stradia II later in our guide.

Although they are one of the most expensive seats, the quality is at the height of the best and are made with carbon reinforced polymer for strength and weight savings. If these are out of your budget, then be aware of your more economical fixed repair alternatives later in our guide.

Corbeau A4:

Corbeau enters our list with its extremely popular A4 model, which is one of the biggest bargains on our list.

Corbeau has taken an unusual approach when selling their seats in pairs, so be sure to keep that in mind when comparing prices to see which one suits you best.

Designed to last, these seats are protected in areas that often wear out on the seats. The “Regular” model will be the most suitable for waistlines up to 36 inches, and the wide model will be more suitable for up to 40 inches.

An SUV with a fantastic price and more suitable for daily or occasional track days, but we would not recommend them for frequent use of tracks.

There are a variety of colors, sizes and materials to choose from within the list to ensure they adapt perfectly to your needs.

Sparco R333:

Another great brand in the world of racing seats is Sparco, and its latest product on the market is undoubtedly attractive!

Combining an excellent appearance with comfort, quality, practicality and durability, we hope it becomes an extremely popular seat.

This will be a medium price option and an excellent option if you are looking to run the standard seat belt or opt for a 3 or 4 point harness configuration.

An SUV with fantastic prices and the most suitable for daily or occasional track days. There is a decent amount of reinforcement support to keep it in place if you decide to skid, but we would not recommend it for frequent use of the track.

Bride Stradia II:

You probably noticed our Gias II that we reviewed at the beginning of the article, and wondered how they compare.

As mentioned earlier, the main difference between the two is the low seat position offered by the Stradia, which has a shallower thigh area. This can make it the perfect choice if you are taller or prefer a lower driving position.

There is also a little less reinforcement support in the Stradia, but this will make it much more convenient for daily use.

There is no doubt that Bride is one of the best companies that exist, with the most comfortable seats, reinforced with more impressive lightweight carbon fiber, but they are priced. However, you will undoubtedly earn a lot of JDM scene points at the local meeting.

Types of car Racing Seats

Mugen MS-Z:

We can almost hear the complaints from here! Yes, that’s right, Mugen. Honda fanboys, rejoice!

We consider leaving them off our list for this reason, but since they are one of the best rated seats, it would be ridiculous not to do so.

If you can look beyond the brand, these are one of the strongest competitors on our list. Sure, they are not cheap, but they are one of the best SUVs.

This semi-cube design offers almost the same amount of support as a seat with greater comfort, but also allows the comfort of the reclining features that make it a strong rival for the Gias II.

Buddy Club Racing Spec:

The Racing Racing Sport seat by Buddy Club is the latest adjustable racing seat of the well-known tuning company.

This seat has been developed taking into account the limited bucket seating designs P1 and Racing Spec, to fill the Buddy Club vacuum in the reclining seat market.

A very comfortable seat, but it is clearly designed taking into account daily driving instead of track days. It will certainly be a good update on your standard seats, but we believe there are better options on our list for the price.

Seibon Carbon Kevlar Type-FC:

Carbon fiber attendees Seibon has launched an impressive carbon kevlar seat with its Type-FC, which could be the craziest seat on our list!

These handmade carbon seats will certainly attract a good deal of attention, and it’s easy to see why!

As you can imagine, being carbon fiber, it is extremely strong and light. Its design allows the best reinforcement support to avoid unnecessary movements of the body, even when you push the car hard.

These seats were designed for racing use and allow the installation of a multipoint harness. An exceptional product that is undoubtedly a competitor for our favorite seat in the market right now.

Corbeau Forza:

They may not be the prettiest seats that exist, but Corbeau is targeting a specific market with its “competition seat with a price tag for the weekend runner’s perspective” in mind.

If you are looking for a bargain with a fixed backrest, racing seats are certainly not much cheaper than these!

With five slots for your racing harness and integrated shoulder support, you are certainly a budget winner.

If you want something a little different, they are also available in red. Its regular size is ideal for waistlines from 36 to 38 inches, and the wide version is ideal for up to 44 inches.

Buddy Club P-1 Limited Edition:

The Buddy Club P-1 has been developed through professional motoring to create a high performance seat for road use.

This could be the ideal option for the daily driver with more frequent monitoring, where a fixed backrest is ideal and still comfortable enough for daily use.

Weighing only 11 pounds with its FRP construction, it is also extremely lightweight and features a twill weave to ensure a long life and a long grip to ensure minimal driving movement.

If you want something a little different, they are also available in red. Its regular size is ideal for waistlines from 36 to 38 inches, and the wide version is ideal for up to 44 inches.

Sparco Evo II:

The Evo II seat of Sparco in the USA. UU. It has undoubtedly been one of the most popular options in the aftermarket over the years, and this US model. UU. It is the largest variation after many American owners discovered that the original version was too narrow.

This ultralight fiberglass composite option can be priced at the top end of the market, but its popularity proves worth paying, combining its impressive weight with superior comfort for a fixed-backed seat.

Sparco designed this seat with a broad contribution of some of the best racing drivers. It is approved by the FIA and is also compatible with HANS devices. If you are considering a frequent follow-up action, it is worth considering Evo II.

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