Different Types Of Car Security Systems

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Types Of Car Security Systems

Types Of Car Security Systems

Do you love your car? The answer is universal. But are you taking enough measures to keep it safe from possible theft? Car thefts are real and thieves have more experience than ever. It is time for you to start investing in modern and reliable ways to protect your long trip companion. Let those thieves know that you won’t let them go so easily. Here are some options on car safety systems.

Your car is not only the means to mobilize, but one of your most expensive tangible possessions. However, you can lose this riches of yours in the blink of an eye without even hearing a noise. Even your home is not entirely safe for thieves lurking in neighborhoods looking to steal cars.

Therefore, only a good security system guarantees the safety of your car. Many companies offer different types of car alarms and security systems and some offer modern and high profile systems. However, you can only find the right option for you when you have knowledge of the different types of car safety systems available in the market.


Types of Car Security Systems:

There are several ways to classify a car security system. There are those who stop thieves to get into their car and those who stop them to take control of a car if the car is forced. Here we will share the different types of car safety systems for your knowledge.


The alarm is one of the basic car safety systems and is effective in many situations. Thieves prefer to move in silence, avoiding as much attention as possible. With a high sound alarm installed in your car, thieves are more likely to avoid trying, especially in a crowded place.

It is true that an alarm system simply acts as a deterrent, but its function can be overlooked. The panic alarm is also one of the essential elements. Having an alarm system in your car can get a discount on insurance, so it is a beneficial situation for everyone.

Active and Passive Car Alarm Systems:

Car alarms are the most common form of the car security system. An active or passive car alarm system is classified according to how it is configured and activated.

You may have seen many people get out of your car and point their keychains at the vehicle and make it sound by pressing some buttons. It is an active car alarm system and you must manually activate or deactivate the alarm through a button on your keychain.

If you don’t lock your car or forget to beep after leaving, you run the risk of not knowing if someone is trying to steal your car.

Passive alarms are a bit different, since they turn on automatically when the engine is turned off and the car keys are removed from the ignition. Passive alarms can also be customized to block the wheels when someone breaks into the car but does not have the keys.

Loud and Silent Car Alarms:

These are also quite basic and famous. You must have heard a siren when accidentally touching a car. Well, that is a strong car alarm. A loud audible regret is triggered when someone tries to get into a car.

You can listen to it from a great distance, as well as nearby people who can help you save your asset. They are often combined with active alarms.

While, on the other hand, silent alarms do their work in silence and make no noise. If someone tries to tune a car, the alarm sends a signal to an electronic device held by the owner.

It can be a special device developed by the company or your normal phone with the application installed. However, it comes with a small inconvenience since people in the vicinity of your car cannot tell if someone is trying to steal your car.

Tire deflator:

The tire deflator is a portable device that can be connected to the tires while parking and must be removed before you start driving. A thief, without realizing the presence of a tire deflator, cannot go far after stealing his car when the tire starts to deflate.

The tires can be damaged, but at least there are many possibilities to recover your car from nearby areas. Wear them even if you don’t use them much. If used frequently, get used to checking and removing them before each unit to avoid damage.

Kill switches:

Imagine that a thief surpasses deterrents, breaks into your car and tries to get away. Do not worry, the next car security system, the immobilization devices, are intended for such situations. The death switch is one of those devices that prevents the thief from starting the vehicle in the first place.

These switches are connected to the ignition circuit, thus depriving the battery or the ignition switch of electricity. Activating the switch can start the engine, so you must hide it very well. If your car did not come with an off switch, you can easily install it yourself.

Steering wheel lock:

The steering wheel lock is another proven and reliable deterrent that blocks the steering so that the car cannot be driven. Experienced thieves can enter, connect your car and start it in a short time. But if they can’t direct it, they can’t drive it.

These are visible deterrents attached to the steering wheel, their mere presence and visibility discourages a thief’s bad intention. Master thieves can even overcome the steering wheel lock, but that takes time, something they have less on hand. The basic idea behind all deterrents is to lengthen time and warn thieves.


Types Of Car Security Systems

Tracking System:

Even after taking all preventive measures, such as deterrents and immobilization devices, some experienced thieves can still steal your car. You can’t just sit in your hands, right? Getting in touch with the police is, of course, the next step.

But you can increase the chances of recovering your car with a tracking system installed. They are enabled for GPS or use automatic vehicle location software, according to the manufacturer. You should not miss this, as it facilitates the recovery process because, as they say, it is better to be prepared than sorry.

The GPS tracking system is an advanced form of car tracking system that uses radio tracking to hunt and recover stolen vehicles. Technology has the benefit of tracking cars in places where GPS fails.

However, there are now car safety devices that use the same tracking technology to stop thieves in their path. The small transceivers are hidden inside the car and are controlled and tracked by an external source when tuned to the correct frequency.

The Cobra 8510 immobilizer is an example that deactivates several engine mechanisms needed to start a car. Therefore, by turning off the ignition, the system makes it extremely difficult to connect a car and start it without a key.

Immobilizing Devices:

These are the security systems that work when a thief has successfully entered your car. However, it doesn’t have the key, it means you’ll have to connect it. This is where the immobilization devices serve you and prevent the car from starting. Some examples are fuse switches, shutdown switches, tire deflators, transponder keys and key chains, fuel or spark deactivators.

The immobilization devices can also be linked directly to a traditional car alarm and also to tracking systems. For example, when the alarm goes off and someone tries to start, you can activate a fuel or spark deactivator that will not allow the engine to start first or die.

These are some of the security systems for basic and widely used cars. Many companies offer advanced and customizable solutions to strengthen defense against theft. However, it is up to your needs and budget to buy a security system that works best for you.

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