Most Popular Different Types of Cars

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Types of car

The automobile market is increasingly saturated with segments. If we stop to think about all the types of cars that currently exist, we can go crazy. Do we classify them by size? By segment? By the denomination? Whatever the way you classify the types of cars you will find a complex listed.

Many times it is difficult to even type a particular model within a specific segment or a specific type of vehicle, because with the proliferation of new bodies and SUV fever we find models of all types that even the brands themselves call best commercially sound, no like what they really are.

That is why today I want to devote part of my time to explain how each one of the types of cars in the market differs. I am going to make two classifications: on the one hand, I am going to talk to you about the different types of bodies that exist and, on the other, about the differences in each segment.


Before buying a new car, you have probably heard of concepts such as hatchback, sedan or coupe, but what exactly do each of them mean?

In Tarnovo, in addition to offering you the best shopping experience we also want to help you in one of the most important decisions of your life such as buying a vehicle, that is why in this article we review the main types of cars that you can currently find in the automotive market.

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Best Types of car:


Types of car

What is a Hatchback car?

Hatchback cars are those that are composed of two differentiated spaces: one for passengers and the other dedicated to the trunk, which is accessed from a glazed rear door.

This is considered one more door, so the models in this category are divided into two: those with 3 and those with 5 doors, always including the one on the back. These types of vehicles can be divided into urban cars, superminis, and family hathbacks.

Types of car

Urban Cars

As the name implies, this type of car is designed exclusively to drive by city. Framed within segment A, urban cars are characterized by being small in size and by how manageable they are thanks to their light direction, characteristics that allow them to be driven through the narrowest streets, as well as allowing them to be easily parked.

Clear examples are the Seat Mii, the Peugeot 108 or the Toyota Aygo car types.

Its main advantages are: its ease of parking, its low consumption per kilometer traveled and its economical price.

As for its inconveniences, we can highlight its small interior space, its poor comfort and its lack of versatility, as they are not the perfect companion for driving long journeys out of town.

Types of car


As examples, we can find the Toyota Auris, the Citroën C3 or the Seat León, models that usually occupy the highest positions of the sales lists in Spain.

Halfway between an urban car and a family car, these types of vehicles offer the user space for passengers and a larger trunk with respect to urban cars, in addition to better road performance.

The most benefited are the passengers from behind, and while in an urban it is impossible for three people to travel comfortably, in a supermini they can do it but it is not recommended for long trips.

As for its advantages, note that they are easy to park cars, in many cases, they are economical even having acquired the most advanced equipment, its handling is agile, it allows four friends to accompany you in it without sacrificing comfort and the rear seats are folding – which allows you to load large items or buy from the supermarket.

As for disadvantages, we find that the trunk is usually not very large with respect to other options such as family hatchbacks – which makes it a type of car that is dispensable if you plan to increase the family and the materials can be of poor quality due to the excess of plastic.

Types of car

Family Hatchback

Family cars are usually an extension of the hatchback or sedan, but with the peculiarity that they have a longer length, which allows them to have a larger trunk.

Moreover, if the rear seats are lowered they offer more space, ideal for shopping or weekend getaways to the mountains or the beach when we need to carry luggage and equipment to practise some sport, for example. Some of the cars that represent this category are the Toyota Avensis, the Seat Leon ST or the Honda Civic Tourer.

As the main advantages, family hatchbacks offer greater internal storage capacity than other options such as normal hatchback or sedan, they are also more spacious for passengers and their quality/price is higher.

In addition, they offer greater versatility on the road – because these types of cars are suitable for various types of scenarios. As for disadvantages, it can be said that they have a less attractive design than the sedan, and do not offer off-road functions as SUV cars do.

Types of car

What is a sedan?

Also known as a saloon, this type of car is manufactured in three totally different parts, which together make up the vehicle: the hood where the engine goes, the interior cabin itself and the trunk that functions as an independent compartment.

Unlike the hatchbacks, the sedans do not have rear glass in the trunk door, so it is fixed. They are cars that have two or four side doors and as examples, we find the Audi A4 or the BMW 3 Series.

The advantages of the Sedan are several: the fact that it is made up of three clearly differentiated parts makes the body more rigid and the trunk larger than that of the hatchback. In addition, they are comfortable and have highly configurable equipment.

On the contrary, the fact of not having a back door makes it more difficult to transport according to which objects and do not offer as much space for passengers as a minivan.

Types of car

What is a minivan?

Also known as MPV (“Multi-Purpose-Vehicle”), this type of car is undoubtedly one of the most popular of the 21st century but, in turn, the most adept are losing with the rise of SUVs.

Its name already says it and they are made to face different types of scenarios: from taking your children to school, going through a weekend getaway to a walk through the city.

Of course, with a common denominator that is the family, and it is that it does not matter how many children you have that in a minivan you can always manage so that until the last one to arrive it does not have problems to fit.

They can be chosen with five or seven seats (in this case they can be considered mini-minivan) and a clear example of this type of car is the C4 Picasso or the Renault Scenic.

As advantages, we can highlight how wide it is inside, the folding capacity of its seats that allows us to play with several possible configurations and its level of quality-price.

As for disadvantages, the fact that more and more SUVs offer models with seven seats (the Peugeot 5008, for example), which can make you opt for this type of vehicle.

Types of car

What is an SUV?

Without a doubt, the fashion car. And is also known as “Sports Utility Vehicle” is a clear example that off-road and city car features can go hand in hand.

It is precisely what this type of car offers, which makes it one of the most versatile, allowing the user to travel on asphalt terrain but with a somewhat greater obstacle draw capacity – although more limited than that of a toderareno.

It can be said that it is basically a hatchback with a higher suspension and more focused on the family, although with a wider battle width.

To make that possible, they have a good space in the trunk and are more comfortable than other types of cars. Some examples are the Toyota RAV-4 Hybrid, the Peugeot 3008 or the Seat Ateca.

The group of advantages highlights the fact that they are very spacious cars, have a more modern design and adapted to new times than other models such as the sedan and consume less than SUVs being less heavy.

As for disadvantages, we can say that the traction is not so achieved (some do not even include four-wheel drive) and are not the most committed to the environment, in addition, being one of the most popular makes its price look expensive.

Types of car

What is a crossover?

They are vehicles designed for the city with the base of a saloon or a compact but with a more rustic look. Among its peculiarities, as well as an SUV and an SUV (types of cars in high demand today) have a high suspension, greater protections at the bottom and improved wheel arches.

With regard to the disadvantages, this type of vehicle offers offroad capabilities much more limited than those of SUVs, not to say they are non-existent since they have less sophisticated all-wheel-drive systems.

Types of car

What is an SUV or 4X4?

To start in more complex terrain the SUV can be a fix, but the so-called 4X4 or lifelong SUV is even better.

They can circulate on any type of terrain, at least, those to which normal vehicles do not reach; rural areas, mountains, deserts and all complicated terrain you can imagine.

They usually have four-wheel drive and offer at least a height of 20 centimeters between the lower part of the vehicle and the ground.

As advantages, these types of cars are safer due to their high weight, they include a motorization superior to that of SUVs, they have a larger passenger space than in other types of cars and they have advanced technologies that facilitate driving on land complicated, an example is the descent controls that allow you to go down roads without having to step on the brake pedal.

On the contrary, the 4X4 offer a very high consumption due to its high weight and low aerodynamics, they are less manageable by city because it has a softer suspension and its appearance can disentangle in that type of scenario due to the aggressiveness included in its lines of the design.

Types of car

What is a coupe?

Depending on the car group that manufactures it, the coupe can be considered a two or four-door car. It is characterized by having a sloping roof, which gives them more style, more than the one offered by a sedan, although it loses in practicality.

A clear example is the Ford Mustang or the BMW 2 Series Coupe. Without dune, one of those types of cars that everyone likes.

Its main advantages are that it is a car that can boast design and speed thanks to very powerful engines, and also enjoys exceptional maneuverability.

On the contrary, they have less space for passengers and luggage than models such as a sedan. In addition, its consumption is higher and that increases the price of its maintenance.

Types of car

What is a convertible?

Every car that can be converted is considered a convertible. Everyone likes to enjoy the outdoors, leave their hair in the wind and enjoy the scenery, because that is what this type of car offers.

And it is not only for the rich, and it is that almost all manufacturers have, at a minimum, a model of this category. What makes almost any pocket can afford it. An example can be the Peugeot 107 convertible or the Mini Convertible.

Its main advantages are that they belong to that group of types of cars with exquisite maneuverability, they look visually great and allow to roof the roof.

Its main drawbacks: they are more expensive than the coupe and are not suitable for all times of the year, so if you buy one it is better to do it if you live in a city that enjoys a good climate during most of the year.

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