You Should Know About Types of Cosmetics

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Types of cosmetics

Types of cosmetics

It is known as cosmetics a set of products that serve to clean the skin, protect it, modify the surface of it, or to create certain appearances, as well as a set of products according to which certain changes can be made in it epidermis.

In any case, cosmetics are products that are used on the skin, so it is always advisable to choose those that best suit us both to our tone, and equally to our way of makeup, tastes and skin type; being these reasons why science has taken a step forward to always offer the best.

Cosmetic is all that substance or mixture destined to be put in contact with the superficial parts of the human body (epidermis, hair and hair system, nails, lips and external genital organs) with the exclusive or main purpose of cleaning, perfuming them, modifying their appearance , protect them, keep them in good condition or correct the imperfections they present.

Types of cosmetics

Cosmetics are composed of:

active ingredient, excipient or vehicle, additives and correctors. As a general category they are divided into skin care cosmetics, such as creams, moisturizing lotions, masks and treatment products to repair or hide imperfections ( acne , wrinkles, dark circles, etc.). Followed by makeup and personal cleaning products such as lotions, creams and perfumes.

All those whose objective is the cure of any disease or product that can be ingested, inhaled or injected into the human body are not in the category of cosmetics since these should only be applied topically for the purposes mentioned above.

Due to the needs of patients and the requirement of various skin types, science has been in need of creating a wide variety of cosmetics. Thanks to this, various kinds of formulas and new chemical compositions have been invented to correct real problems for all kinds of tastes, needs and budgets.

Types of cosmetics:


Allergenic hiccups:

Initially they have been designed for all skin types, being tested in extensive and thorough laboratory tests, where it has been determined that they have ingredients or soft components that will not cause any damage to the skin.

And when we point this out, we refer to the fact that they have a mild formula, which does not have abrasive ingredients, nor does it have lotions that can generate allergies, so that they are suitable for all types of skin.

Hypoallergenic cosmetics:

are those that have the characteristic of being made with materials that help reduce the risk of causing a symptom of irritation or allergy. This line of cosmetics is for sensitive skin and is made of non-irritating or abrasive components for the skin. Most hypoallergenic products are good and recommended for all skin types.

Grease-free cosmetics:

These types of cosmetics are ideal for oily or acne-prone skin , they are made from water components, easily dissolved and absorbed, avoiding excessive sebum formation and allowing the necessary cleaning and hydration.

Cosmetics Safe Water :

In English are known as waterproof, they have a waterproof base, which prevents the sweat dissolves or even if it gets into a pool. It is ideal for hyperpigmented skin types and for clients who do sports.

It is a special line, created for certain circumstances, since they contribute to make-up persist in spaces where perspiration is excessive or where the person may have the need to be in contact with water, hence It is ideal for the modeling and sports area.

However, like fat-free cosmetics, these can present problems in the skin, since they can clog the pores of more, thus causing it to accumulate and fill with fat, this being a sufficient reason for the skin is thick or filled with impurities and acne may appear.

Mineral cosmetics :

This type of cosmetics is characterized by being mineral based, they contain micro pigments of zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, they are excellent for use in skin with acne and seborrheic thanks to its astringent, depurant, oxygenating and anti-inflammatory action.

Natural or organic cosmetics:

They do not contain chemicals or abrasive agents for the skin, they are characterized by having fruit extracts, some vegetables or herbs, they follow the fashion of organic, hypoallergenic and natural, they provide a significant amount of benefits to the skin, not they irritate and favor all skin types thanks to their antioxidant and lead-free and chemical-free active ingredients.

Types of cosmetics

Fat free:

This is another line of cosmetics, which should have been tested in the laboratory, and it is ideal for those who have open pores and excess perspiration.

In case it is a kind of cosmetic that is ideal for people who release excess fat can feel calm or what is the same, they can be confident that they can use the product without the face starting to sweat and therefore the makeup is run and also the skin looks thick and with a rough appearance.

The best thing about these cosmetics, is that they are made based on moisturizing compounds, that is, that they maintain the water level of the skin in an optimal state, likewise, these allow the skin to look smooth so that they offer a finish natural.

Thus, they are suitable not only for oily skin, but also apply on occasions when the person may be subjected in environments where the light makes his own, that is, it is possible that such luminosity causes the temperature increase and therefore the person begins to sweat, an anti-grease makeup is essential.

The most important thing is that these seal the pores, that is, they keep bait production at bay, however, experts believe that the constant use of this type of makeup can cause blockages in the pores themselves causing impurities to charge place, being reason enough for acne to do theirs.

That is why, one of the most marked recommendations is deduced from the fact that people with oily skin, should avoid the constant use of them, so that their skin can perspire, and thus avoid the accumulation of fat.

Considering that it is necessary to resort to astringent products that can help remove impurities, or that contribute to the release of the skin, in any case, if you have doubts it is always advisable to consult with your dermatologist.


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