There are different types of crafts

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types of crafts

types of crafts

In the world of DIY there are different types of crafts according to techniques and materials, which we can use as long as the intention is to intervene different objects, design, recycle, create.

Its main objective is to enable us to enhance our creative abilities through an environment that provides a certain degree of comfort. Just the previous question What to do to be creative? Enter this point, because the conditions of satisfaction and recreation work best when we have an orderly work environment.

In summary, the general objective of the craft workshop focuses on the development of manual and psychomotor skills of students by having contact with diverse materials, through the stimulation of imagination that enhance self-expression.

Types of crafts:

Origami :

it is a technique that was born in China (later arrived in Japan) and is defined as the art of folding paper strategically from a square or rectangular base to create multiple projects. It does not allow cutting or glue, only the figures are made through the marked folds resulting in wonderful designs.

Origami is one of the most creative ways to entertain us. It consists only of folding different types of paper and beating ourselves getting more and more complex figures. You can get spectacular shapes with a very simple technique.

You can start with napkins and then experiment with the colored papers. Remember two things before getting down to work: always use used or recycled paper and recycle it at the end and, above all, do not get impatient if you do not become an expert in a few hours! Everything good takes its time, but even the less tricky can learn to fold the paper creating beautiful shapes with this technique.

Origami is a Japanese art of great tradition as suitable for adults as for children. It is a beautiful activity that you can start today and that you can practice alone or in a group.

You can use your creations to decorate school supplies, rooms, envelopes, gifts or everything you can think of. You can do all kinds of shapes: airplanes, flowers, animals, boats, houses and much more. You will never get bored because the forms you can get are endless and all just by folding paper!

If you are a beginner, start with these basic forms: a plane, a ship, an envelope that you can use for gifts or to send letters, a cup, a penguin, a dog, a hat, a bow tie, a rose, a frog, a butterfly or a star ..

After practicing a little, you can build things like a dragon, a demon, a swan, a horse or a peacock with just a little paper and your own hands. Create your own origami jungle! Youtube books and videos can be very easy for you to develop this beautiful hobby.

Make your own soaps:

An ecological and simple way to get natural soaps that your skin will appreciate. Making your own soaps, you can take care of your health and that of theirs and make precious gifts to your relatives. Making homemade organic soaps , you will save a lot of money and protect the environment.

There are many ways to do it, one of them is using used oils, with water, essential oils that give it fragrance and caustic soda. You’ll see how simple it is. You can also integrate during the process beads, glitter, branches or dried flowers so that the result is much more beautiful.

types of crafts

Mache paper:

word that literally means “chewed paper”. It is the name of an ancient artisan technique (which finds its origin in China, India and Persia) that models different objects, usually of a decorative or artistic nature, using paper pulp.

The paste is made by boiling newspaper in water and mixing it with chalk, plaster and wallpaper adhesive. Once the desired figure is modeled, it is allowed to dry and later it is proceeded to paint with oils or acrylics of choice.

Letter pesta:

it is an Italian term used to designate the technique that uses pieces of paper cut together by means of an adhesive (which is usually vinyl glue). It is placed layer upon layer resulting in a more resistant surface, then plaster or enduido is placed and sanded to give a better finish and paint. For example, a cardboard box can be transformed into a durable and beautiful painted plaster.


This technique involves removing a layer of paint from a surface (to reveal the material naturally) using a medium sandpaper, pickling gel, or metal brush. It can be done on wood or metal and is a way to recycle objects in a simple way, obtaining an aged-looking element that is currently very fashionable in the field of decoration.

Painting on canvas: it is used through the transfer of a design, then the outline is marked with dark ink and painted with acrylics specially designed for this material.


consists of making designs by cutting colored glass and placing the figure in ovens at very high temperatures, resulting in true multicolored unique pieces.

Ornaments with felt or rubber:

The felt or the colored rubber, which you will find in any craft store, leaves us countless options to create all kinds of ornaments.

You can make fancy flowers to dress your parties, brooches to wear on your lapel, gifts to give or for your children to entertain themselves, bags and cases that will help you always have everything tidy. You can also make posters for your doors, mouse pads, decorating pillows, decorating boxes or covers.

It is very easy to work with felt, it is just about beginning to master the basic techniques, knowing how to make the most of each fabric and to fully deploy our creativity.

types of crafts

Crafts with salt paste:

Modeling and creating are two fundamental activities in addition to the motor development of children and that help adults relax.

Salt paste is a material that does not contain toxins, it is ecological and cheap , so you can start today to experiment with the modeling technique and create incredible figures.

With the salt paste we can model at our whim until we find the preferred figure. Once dried, it will last a long time and we can then paint it to our liking.

To do it, we will need a glass of fine salt, another of water and two of flour. We will also need tempera or coloring to paint the created figures.

First we will mix the salt and the flour and we will be adding the water little by little, while we do not stop kneading. At this time, we can introduce the painting if they are adults who are going to model it, for children it is better not to do it, since they could take it to the mouth, so we would have to paint it after modeling.

The leftover salt paste can be kept in the fridge, but well covered because this paste dries with air. After doing our artwork, we have to let it dry until it is completely hard.

Create games and toys:

With different recycled materials or used objects that we can reuse, we can create endless toys or board games. It is a great idea to do with our children, who will enjoy as never making their fantasy toys and also, with a little tomorrow, you can have a great collection.

There are people who even make a living or get a bonus selling recycled artisan toys. What you can do is unlimited: ornaments with egg cups, dolls with toilet paper cartons, ring throwing games, board games, baskets, puppets, zoos with figures and much more.

Make our own perfumes:

It would be a dream to be able to devise the aroma we want to accompany us. It is possible if we learn to make our own perfumes.

We will start experimenting simply with three notes of aroma from essential oils , such as rose, lavender, sandalwood or citrus, and then experiment with nine. If you want to know more about how to do it, see our post “how to make perfumes”, which will explain it in detail.

Cross stitch:

The cross stitch is a very entertaining craft that will guarantee you hours of fun. You will obtain with her a collection of beautiful paintings that will allow you to be your hands that decorate the walls of your house.

You will only need a needle, colored threads and a cloth. With very few materials, you can be entertained for hours until you finish that picture in which you have been working for so long.

Make your own candles:

Candles are a wonderful element for home decoration, which give aroma to our tables and provide color to our spaces. We can start by making simple candles, to experiment later with colored candles and aromas.

Do not forget to buy vegan and non-toxic materials , so that your hobby does not contaminate the environment in any way.

What are the Crafts?

The term crafts is understood as any work done with the hands with or without the help of the tools necessary to achieve the marked objective. The crafts refer to the ancient craft of craftsmen. The difference is that they are not made with a strictly functional purpose.

They also report numerous advantages. Not only do they help develop concentration, they also stimulate motor and creative skills. They also serve to reinforce self-esteem and as a therapy for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or a disability. But above all it is a good way to relieve stress and corner everyday worries.

What greater reward than directing attention to an activity that requires memory, skill and fantasy. There are crafts for all tastes, model ships, clothing, accessories, such as bracelets and bags, or home ornaments.

The limit is set by the imagination. Multiple materials can be used for this, from the sewing needle to the paper or the felt. In most cases they are cheap and easily available materials in any store.

To know more about Coffee you can check here: 50 Different Craft Ideas To Make At Home.


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