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The Different Types of First Aid Kits

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Types of First Aid Kits

Types of First Aid Kits

There will be a time in your life when you wish you had a types of first aid kit nearby. Last famous words of a company that markets these items throughout the United States, but it’s true. We hear stories all the time about people who got injured and didn’t have a first aid kit.

A first aid kit is not one size. The kits come in all shapes and sizes for all kinds of purposes. When deciding which one is best for you, look who might need and for what injury.

Kind of family:

A young family or a retired couple will have different needs of a first aid kit for a retired couple. If you have young children, you will want lots of bandages and small bandages for their spills and scrapes.

A thermometer is also an important inclusion in a first aid kit with babies and young children in the house to control high temperatures.

Type of activity:

First aid kits can be customized for a particular activity. If you are a walker, you may want a kit that can handle bites and stings. For families who go camping or caravan regularly, you may need a kit designed to stay in the van or trailer of the caravan, ready to treat any injury suffered on vacation.

If you are going to sail, you may want to invest in a waterproof kit that can remain on board, so you never fall behind.

An all-terrain first aid kit contains items that can handle an emergency when medical help can be some distance away. Being able to treat major trauma and hemorrhage can give you some peace of mind when you are miles away from help.

Modules, add-ons and additional items are available to meet the requirements, such as burn kits and eye injury kits.

Waist bag first aid kits are also available, leaving the owner with their hands free to treat a victim. Those with a medical history will often carry a large first aid kit in the car because they have the knowledge to use more equipment than someone with basic training or no first aid training.

Types of First Aid:


customize all MFASCO first aid kits:

No other first aid company offers the possibility to customize first aid kits online. Each MFASCO kit can be customized according to your needs.

Simply visit the product page of the kit you want and click on the “customize this kit” link. You will be directed to our Make A Kit tool, where you can modify the amounts of existing content, delete or add new items and finalize the purchase in seconds.

Try it now and see why MFASCO is the best source of first aid kits and first aid supplies. printable checklist easy to customize.

Personal size first aid kit 28 pieces:

The top personal first aid kit is the 28-piece MFASCO Personal first aid kit. This little kit fits in your purse, glove compartment, trunk, drawer, luggage or bag of toiletries.

The translucent blue plastic clam case contains 28 pieces, including bandages, gauze, ointments and wipes. It is perfect for unexpected cutting or scraping while you are out.

Its content is as practical as the price. Do not miss the best personal first aid kit. Go to the product page for details and the list of contents of this great kit.

Types of First Aid Kits

First aid kit for sports and outdoors Medium:

The top first aid kit for outdoor use is the MFASCO sports and outdoor first aid kit. The rugged red EVA bag with handles includes two compartments.

The kit offers a unique combination of first aid and outdoor protection, which makes it ideal for outdoor recreation.

In addition to traditional first-aid supplies, this kit also includes sports-related first-aid supplies, such as sports tape, mole skin, electrolyte tablets, muscle gel and cohesive gauze to help common sports-related injuries.

You will love this types of first aid kit because it is organized and the products are easily accessible.

Waterproof case of marine first aid kit:

The first aid kit for marine activities / water sports is our marine first aid kit MFASCO with a waterproof cover. This kit is organized in two main sections.

One side is dedicated to traditional first aid supplies and the other has a good selection of outdoor protection that includes drinking water. The slim shape allows easy storage and is very durable. The side clamps and the water seal keep the contents safe and dry.

The translucent plastic case allows you to see organized products. Reordering individual items is easy, which makes it ideal for boats, larger boats, rafting and more.

Home – Lightweight First Aid Kit for 10 people:

The first aid kit for the home is the light first aid kit MFASCO for 10 people. The plastic box has a handy carrying handle and a sticker that says “first aid kit” on the front.

This economical kit includes 75 pieces for cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises and other common injuries.

We include a unique bag system that helps organized items and makes them easily accessible. This kit is perfect for home, car, caravan and small enough to store in a drawer.

Office – Plastic first aid kit for 25 people Class:

The first aid kit for the office is the MFASCO first aid kit for 25 people. This kit sets the standard for any ANSI Class A office types of first aid kit.

With more than 100 items, the special plastic first aid box can be wall mounted (hardware included) but is small enough to fit into a drawer.

This compact design uses a unique bag system that keeps the contents of the kit organized and provides easy access. See the plastic medicine cabinet product page for 25 people class a for details.

Orange AMZ emergency response trauma bag:

The MFASCO emergency response trauma bag. With hundreds of thousands in service, the emergency response trauma bag is perfect for emergency first aid situations.

Important items include blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, flashlight, glucose, CPR resuscitator, EMT scissors, large multi-traumatic bandage, blood gauze products, bandages, eye wash and much more.

The bright orange bag has reflective stripes, a carrying handle, shoulder strap, 2 front pockets and a large main compartment with velcro closures and clips to keep the contents safe.

Like all MFASCO kits, the emergency response trauma bag has a complete fill list and order buttons for individual items, all of which are found on the product page.

Types of First Aid Kits

First-aid kit for 3-shelf restaurant:

Restaurants have special requirements for food safety and special needs due to their working environment. The first aid kit for restaurants MFASCO 3 Shelf is our best choice for any first aid kit for restaurants.

The sturdy box of 3 shelves painted with white enamel contains contents that exceed the requirements of ANSI class B Z308.1-2015. We have included additional burn products because burns always occur in the kitchen.

This cabinet can be easily disinfected as part of any kitchen safety practice. Dispensing boxes are used to provide blue, food safe bandages, which makes them perfect for food preparation environments. This kit is perfect for any restaurant with up to 50 employees.

4-shelf industrial first aid kit:

The 4-shelf industrial first-aid kit is designed specifically for the workplace. This sturdy metal case is painted with white enamel and has the words “first aid” printed on the front. There are 4 shelves for storing bandages, ointments, medications and other first aid supplies.

A door bag system for storing small items is also included. This kit style is used by all major first aid services and exceeds the ANSI Class B standard Z308.1-2015, mandatory by OSHA.

With more than 700 pieces included, it is the perfect size for medium and large companies. The cabinet can be mounted on the wall or transported if necessary.


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