Types of Hand Tools and Their Uses

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Types of Hand Tools

There are several types of hand tools that can help us in our work as household chores, but we must know well what are the functions of each, as their otherwise, characteristics, most likely we are using or manipulating them wrongly.

This is not a minor detail, because due to the misuse of the tools, many were the individuals who suffered serious accidents or, at least, they have stuck tremendous scare.

What are the tools for?

They serve to make things easier, all this saves us time and effort in our work. The functions of these must be respected according to the function for which they have been designed.

The tools have been created to employ different tasks in order to facilitate the work that requires a certain physical force, all this with the purpose of reducing the force to be exercised by us users.

The different tasks that exist require specific materials, from removing a simple screw to sawing the wood. Of course, these are simple tasks but if we see it from the most complicated point we may need more complex and specialized metal instruments to perform a work action. We can take as a reference to drill the walls with a drill.

They are necessary because they serve us to do things that we cannot do with the strength of our hands. Its main function is to save time and effort in what we do.

What is the Importance of the tools:

The human being since its inception has had the need to have on hand objects that make it easier to do things.

The importance is in creating and manufacturing utensils that are used to solve that need. That is why perfect tools have been created to make jobs less complicated.

The types of tools that have been created have influenced the development of the human being faster, in this way people get stronger.

Let’s look at it from a job perspective, a job, no matter how simple it may be, requires a tool that makes everything more effective when used.

If we do not have an object when we want to do a job, there is a need to find something that can help us to do that job.

The importance may vary according to what we need to do. What we have to take into account is that there are always things to do and you can ask yourself: Do I have the right tool to do this job?

Now it would be good to know how the tools are classified.

Types of Hand Tools:

Generally creating a list of hand tools encompasses a wide range of functional and work accessories. Personally I think that the work tools are endless due to their functions and importance of each one.

In short, creating a list of hand tools, manuals and basic and / or advanced can take us a lifetime literally. Since as I said it is infinite.

Below you will see a list and types of hand tools with their names and images, function, category and importance. And also a brief description of each work tool. But this is not a definitive list.

If you want to create your own list of tools or hand accessories, you must conform it. Depending on which device is more useful for you. Choose which ones are more relevant and what you will need them for. This guide does not have a relevant order.

Hammer : It is a type of punch tool, its fusion is hammering any pointed element, among the main nails. If you think that the hammer is important you are correct. It is a fundamental hand tool.

Pincer : Like the hammer. It belongs to the subject category. It serves both to make ties and remove embedded elements. You never know when you will need one.

Spanner or French : Clamping wrench among other categories. It has a precision wheel which allows to adjust to an exact measurement. It is also a multifunction tool.

Parrot Beak : It is also a multifunction work instrument Specifically, its capacity of force has several measuring holes which allows the force to be channeled more precisely. Also clamping, precision, adjustment.

Screwdrivers : belong to the mounting category. Generally its function is to tighten and / or loosen adjustment tools. Important within the catalog and types of basic hand tools.

Combination keys : they are adjustment devices. Also hand tools that Screw elements by means of screws or nuts with hexagonal type heads. They are not very urgent since the wrench replaces it very well. But they are for a mechanical workshop.

Allen wrenches: It is a hexagonal wrench generally a tool that is used by hand to drive bolts and screws with hexagonal internal connectors on their heads. It is also a key of precision and of utmost importance. It is never known when it will take.

Stripping cable : Cutting tool. Mainly it is an instrument to strip wires, perform installations or electrical repairs. It is a hand accessory for work but it is not bad to have one at home.

Metro Tape : It is a measuring instrument. Similarly it will help us to obtain exact lengths. It is also an important tool in our catalog. It is indispensable for work.

Tweezers : They have unlimited functions. Pliers type cutting tools are also clamping and precision. There is a wide variety of multipurpose tweezers. In the same way we will need to have a hand clamp at home.

Drill bits : The wicks are used to pierce walls, wood, metals, etc. They are also within the category of roughing. We always need to make perforations at home either by some installation or modifications. (Remember that drill bits are drill accessories so you should have one too).

Maza : It’s a punch tool. The club has the sole function of hitting with a specific weight. What cushions the blow giving more strength to the hand. It is also used as a manual demolition tool.

Chisels : Called on the other hand cuts cold or also as cuts iron . They are cutting and punch utensils. It is a work tool that should be in our catalog.

Files and Forms : They belong to the category of roughing. Also its function is to wear the wood. They are used both in the carpentry section. Where wood is worked manually.

Hand saw: It is a saw with a metal blade. Also considered a cutting tool. Cut almost anything, wood, iron, metals, plastics, etc. A saw at home is essential as it cuts almost anything.

Saw : Mainly used in carpentry. A cutting instrument We will only need it if we plan to cut wood.

Sergeant : Also known as clamp. It is a fastener. Its sole purpose is to hold a fixed material element firm. It is mainly used in carpentry and construction. Although its use is varied for different manual activities.

Square : It is a 90 ° piece to ensure the angle of two structured parallels. Join in the carpentry. It is also a manual masonry rig to measure well-designed corners or corners.

Level : It is a measuring tool. It mainly marks the horizontal or vertical direction of an element. They are used by surveyors, carpenters, bricklayers, blacksmiths, etc. You need to have a hand level at home.

Compass : Used to make circles or arcs of circumference. It is generally used in carpentry. It is also a manual measurement tool.

Caliber : A measuring element. Also called caliper. An industrial hand tool. But it has different uses in different work items to measure the thickness of an electric cable.

Types of Hand Tools

Shovels : A shovel is always necessary. It helps us to dig or move materials. The shovel falls into several categories such as masonry, gardening, etc. There are three types of shovels: heart, tip and flat. They are generally manual digging tools.

Flashlight : Needless to explain what a flashlight is. Just know why it is necessary in our list of hand tools. Although it is not a work tool, it is a necessary lighting instrument in case of emergency. That is why we include it in our list of basic tools. You must have one at home and inside your hand toolbox.

Adhesive tape : There are different types of tape, paper, nylon, cardboard, plastic. Fire tapes, etc. Usually a paper tape is always necessary.

Nails : They are always of fundamental use. There are all types of nails numbers, sizes or sizes. They are hand punch tools by using a hammer.

Screws : Like nails there are all types of sizes and sizes. They are work tools for maintenance or new installations. You are going to need two types of mounting tools a Paddle screwdriver and also a Phillips screwdriver.

Tarugos : Also called taquete, spike or wall taco. A plug is embedded in the wall as a support for a screw preventing it from coming out and being subjected to pressure. If you are going to use screws it is logical that you are going to need a plug.

Gloves : They are specifically protection tools. There are countless types of gloves and for different uses. Cloth gloves, anti static, plastic, etc.

Spatulas : This accessory is for private use. It is used for preparation, application of materials. It is used in many labor sectors such as painting, masonry, cooking, etc. It is vital to have a spatula is home.

Brushes : It is mainly used in the trade of painting, although its uses can be diverse. Having a brush at home will be precisely for maintenance use of furniture or walls.

Rollers : Used to paint walls and other flat surfaces. Also the rollers come is multiple sizes which allows us to paint objects with greater precision. Always do a roller maintenance at home you will need it.

Rake : If you live in a space where you have access to a patio from time to time you will need earthly cleansing. You will find a wide variety of rakes of many uses and designs. They are gardener work hand tools.

Truck : It is a single-wheel cargo vehicle designed to be propelled by a single person. It is normally used in masonry and gardening. Also in other areas where the transfer of loads or materials is necessary. You never know when a wheelbarrow will be needed.

Ratchet : also called cric, it is a tool for strength work used to tighten screws or nuts with hexagonal heads. It is a fixing instrument. It is always useful to have a crique at home.

Tubes of ratchets : also called keys mouth . They are within the fixing category. They are ratchet accessory and without this you will not be able to use it. There is a wide variety of sizes and measures, each hex head screw has an exact measurement so you will need an exact tube.

Wire : Having a kilo of wire at home is more than enough. The wire will serve to hold or tie materials in addition to an endless number of utilities that we can give. Specifically, the so-called sweet wire is ideal because, thanks to its soft texture, it is an easy tool to work with.

Mason spoon : In many countries they call it bricklayer’s trowels. It is a masonry utensil mainly a hand tool for work. Its function is the preparation and distribution of materials.

Ladder : You will always need a ladder at home. So be it to reach materials or just change a bulb. It is also a very useful and required work instrument. There are many types and types of stairs for all work areas.

BuscaPolo : It is a working power tool that allows to verify if a certain cable or conductor has a voltage difference. There are several types of polishers. It will serve in case of an electrical emergency at home. It is a hand measuring tool.

Cutter : It is a cutting instrument. The cutter has a very sharp blade allowing us to make cuts of all kinds.

Pencil : You always need a pencil or a carpenter’s pencil. So be it to mark measures or cuts. It has endless uses. We must have a pencil in our toolbox.

Safety glasses: Protective goggles, also called goggles or goggles, serve to protect the eyes that normally prevents the entry of objects, water or chemicals. It is a work tool for safety and prevention.

Scissors : It is a cutting rig. Its only function is to cut. We will use it repeatedly. So be it to cut a piece of paper at home.

Toolbox : Of course, don’t forget a box for all your hand tools. Or where do you plan to keep them? . I think the box should be the first accessory you should think about buying. Well done!

How are hand tools used?

The hand tools are intended primarily for construction, repair and those with a considerable degree of difficulty; without them it would be almost impossible to achieve them.

For those who are not very informed about these products, we tell you that these tools have been used for a long time, but it was only in the last quarter of the nineteenth century that they were given the relevance they deserved.

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