Types of Home sound systems: everything you need to know

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Types of Home sound systems

Types of Home sound systems

There are several types of Home sound systems, from audio systems to video systems and more. In this article, we will identify and describe each of them. Let’s start with the audio options for home theater systems.

But first, let’s define what a home theater system is. Basically, a home theater system is a set of audiovisual devices connected to each other. It may consist of a combination of the following: a video projector and a white screen projector, stereo speakers, subwoofers, large flat-screen TVs, etc. The A / V receiver acts as the “nerve center” that receives signals from several audios. sources, processes these signals and creates surround sound.

Technological advances have transformed the traditional concept of sound, leaving its complementary consideration far behind and certainly outdated, something that simply accompanies images or videos in a manner very similar to a “background fill”.

Sound, today, creates environments and conditions all kinds of situations enormously. Its importance has become fundamental in so many aspects of life and human tasks that it is very difficult (if not impossible) to plan any project, whatever it is, without having to consider it, in one way or another and at some point The question of sound

This series of publications has been made in response to this referential role of sound, trying to establish, first, the types of sound systems that will be addressed by grouping them into two main sets according to their characteristics and functionalities.

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Types of home sound systems:


It would be possible to define a wide variety of different types of sound systems that can be implemented in any home. However, as we move forward, we will group the different possibilities under two unique headlines that cover most of these possibilities:

Types of Home sound systems

Sound systems for leisure:

In this first classification we include, in turn, two subsets of sound systems that serve two interrelated and, at the same time, perfectly differentiated purposes:

Sound systems for games and hobbies: considering as such those acoustic systems in which sound plays a leading role. Home theater systems, multimedia game rooms and other similar facilities, possible in a private home, enter this classification.

Sound systems for rest and accompaniment of the tasks that are usually performed at home, and that thanks to the sounds (music, radio programs) become more bearable.

Sound bar:

The sound bar is a speaker system located at the top or bottom of the TV. It is a long thin bar that consists of some speaker drivers and a separate wireless subwoofer. Usually, it uses acoustic control to generate surround sound enclosed through digital sound processing and bouncing the sound on the walls.

A soundbar audio system does not produce high quality audio that other types of audio systems can produce. However, it is a good alternative for small room entertainment systems to improve the audio quality of television. Examples of soundbar are the Samsung K950 and Yamaha YAS-203.

Home theater system in a box (HTIB):

An HTIB is usually purchased in a complete package. It consists of surround speakers, a receiver or amplifier, a subwoofer and wiring. It is easy to install and economical, but updating it may not be easy. Examples of HTIB are Onkyo HT-S7800 and Samsung HT-J7500W.

Component system:

The component system is usually the custom combination of several audio devices. You can connect different brands of speakers, audio / video receivers and subwoofers to video sources and players such as Blu-ray players and flat screen televisions. Some people use several subwoofers to generate soft bass and speakers of various sizes and performance.

Over the years, component systems are usually made of popular brands such as Onkyo, Marantz, Yamaha and Pioneer. Examples of speakers combined in a component system are floor speakers, wall / ceiling speakers, bookshelf speakers and others.

Component separates:

High-end home theater systems are usually combinations of two or more types of audio systems. They create the highest quality audio systems that many people dream of. Examples of a combination of audio systems are one or more amplifiers to power the speakers and a processor for input and signal generation.

Sound systems for security:

Taking into account the vital importance of sound to warn of dangers and emergency situations, this category includes sound systems that include anti-intrusion alarm devices and components, technical alarms, emergency warnings and other acoustic devices, such as bells, timers with Alarm function, sound beacon. systems …

Concepts, facts and curiosities related to sound.

In the elaboration of the articles in this series, given their characteristics, there was a risk of falling into unnecessary technicalities that could take away the interest of the reader. Therefore, it has been considered appropriate to include, along with some essential concepts related to sound, such as frequency, intensity and resonance, essential to understand some of the details specified about the acoustic phenomenon, some historical anecdotes and data curious that allow greater knowledge of the subject without resorting to avoidable academisms.

Aristotle, Galileo and Newton, among others, will appear in the lines dedicated to making this brief historical journey, as well as the formulas to calculate the speed of the sound propagated through different material means and other details that we hope the reader considers of interest. , and that will help us present some brief considerations on current legislation and regulations on noise and noise pollution.

The relationship between sound and security.

We have already advanced it: since time immemorial, sound and security have maintained a close bond that, without a doubt, has led to the survival of our species.

While it is true that currently the dangers that lurk the human race are of a very different nature from those of thousands of years ago, no doubt, the sound continues to be important in this matter. Therefore, paying attention to the relationship that sound still has today with the safety and well-being of human beings is mandatory when addressing the problem.

The different types of alarms, warnings and devices that use acoustic signals to warn of dangers and emergency situations by extending the available reaction time focus our attention here, paying special attention to bells, timers, warnings and listening devices, in addition to Anti-intrusion alarms, technical alarms and emergency alerts.

The main components of sound systems.

It is also mandatory to consult the basic components of domestic sound systems intended for leisure, according to our first classification. Among them, publications dedicated to dealing with them will focus on the following:

Sources. Those devices where the sound originates (various players, receivers of radio frequency stations or satellite signals, computers and digital playback devices).

Amplifiers Fundamental devices in any sound system, responsible for amplifying (as the name implies) the power of sound.

Speakers. Sound emitting devices, which have different types and functionalities.

Cables and connectors. Although they are secondary devices, they are not minor. We will also pay attention to the different types of cables and connectors present in most current sound systems, seeing their main functions and features.

Integral sound control and soundproofing systems.

Finally, we will discuss two topics of special interest to anyone who wishes to implement a sound system at home: the different types and the most effective soundproofing systems, on the one hand, and on the other, the best home automation solutions that integrate devices , Various components and elements in fully centralized and automated home sound systems.

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