Types of Manicure Everything You Need To Know

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Types of Manicure

There are few things in this world that are more relaxing than being pampered in your favorite types of manicure salon.

Whether it’s the fun atmosphere of the salon, the sweet aromatherapy, hand massages or wax treatments, we love to get away from the world and have some time for ourselves. There are also some health benefits to consider.

Hand massages actually increase blood circulation and improve joint mobility. If you use your hands at work (that is, write, lift, play instruments or use other instruments in your various fields of work), a hand massage helps your blood flow and releases toxins that are stored in the muscles.

Relieve stress by leaving your worries behind. Stress is an important cause of depression and anxiety. When we take care of ourselves and relieve stress, our immune system works better.

Improve and maintain healthy nails with regular manicures. When we take care of our nails, we decrease the possibility of accumulation of bacteria and fungi that lead to infection. We also promote the growth of new, stronger and healthier cells and nails.

Below are some of our favorite types of manicure. Mix and try something new the next time you go. You can find a new favorite type of manicure!

Types of manicure:


Basic Manicure:

This is your simple and fast manicure. These are excellent if you have little time or between more elaborate manicures that can be more difficult in the nail bed.

A basic manicure generally involves the application of lotion or oil to hydrate the hands and prepare them to clean the cuticles. Most basic types of manicures include a hand massage before or after cleaning, trimming and shaping your nails.

A base coat is then applied to the nails followed by a colored glaze of your choice. Once dry, a transparent top coat is applied to seal and protect the nail polish. Plan a basic manicure that lasts between 1 and 2 weeks.

Gel manicure:

If you are looking for something a little more durable that lasts longer, try a gel manicure. Gel manicures have become very popular and use a gel polish that cures under UV or LED light for stronger adhesion.

The process is similar to a basic types of manicure, but after the base coat a gel polish is applied and cured under UV or LED light. The main difference is that the LED light will cure the enamel faster with less exposure to light.

For this reason, many classrooms now use LEDs on UV light. Once the first round of enamel is completely cured and dried, a second layer of gel polish is applied and cured again with LED or UV light. Once the nails are dry, a top coat is usually applied.

You will notice that the gel polish is thicker and more durable and generally lasts 3 to 4 weeks. While gel manicures are a bit more expensive, they allow you to enjoy longer periods between appointments in the manicure salon.

Acrylic Manicure:

If yours are fancy nails, try an acrylic manicure. This is one of the most common types of manicure where false tips are glued and then a combination of a liquid monomer and a polymer powder is applied.

Once the liquid and powder are mixed and applied, it will air dry and harden, creating a transparent and strong protective base coat on top of natural nails.

Once the nails are dry, they can be painted with nail polish or decorated with precious stones or other nail art. Acrylic manicures will last approximately 2 to 3 weeks and can be filled and fixed if broken or splintered.

French manicure:

For elegant nails, try a French manicure. This is one of the classic types of manicure that will never go out of style.

With French manicures, nails are usually painted with a light or pale pink enamel with white crescent-shaped tips. Lately, however, many people will experiment with color and other decorative options.

Reverse French Manicure:

Reverse French manicure is similar to French manicure, except that white crescent moon enamel is in the cuticle rather than the tip of the nail.

This original version of the classic French manicure is simple but unique and popular among teenagers and young and elegant adults.

As seen earlier, you can try mixing different colors and adding nail designs or other fun decorative designs.

Shellac manicure:

A shellac manicure is very popular because it is a combination of gel and regular types of nail polish and is generally cheaper than a gel manicure.

This unique combination allows you to spend more time between visits to the manicure salon than a basic manicure and is not that difficult.

Like the gel, the enamel is cured with UV or LED light and will last 2 to 3 weeks. Like gel nails, you want to remove them with acetone and avoid forcing them to avoid damage to the nail bed.

SNS Manicure:

SNS is the acronym for Signature Nail Systems, which is a powder immersion system used in conjunction with gel-based enamel. An advantage of SNS manicures is that you do not need to cure them with UV or LED light.

The process is usually faster and needs minimal nail filing. The powder used for dipping is similar to acrylic powder, so we recommend that you use a clean powder in which other customers have not dipped their fingers.

This will help you avoid bacteria and infections. SNS nails should be removed by a professional nail technician to avoid peeling and excessively damaging the nail bed.

Mirror Manicure:

Mirror manicures have become extremely popular and can be seen on all social networks. The manicure itself is similar to a basic manicure, however, a dark nail polish (usually black) is applied as a base.

Once dry, a chromium pigment is applied that gives it the mirror effect, one of the types of manicures that millennials adore.

This also works with gel nail polish, but the gel must be cured with UV or LED light after each application.

Paraffin Manicure:

Paraffin manicures are one of our favorite manicure types and are essential for those who have dry or rough hands. While the paraffin wax melts in a paraffin wax bath, the hands are massaged with oil and / or lotion.

Once the wax reaches a safe temperature, your hands are dipped into the wax several times to cover your hands with multiple layers of wax. The dried wax remains in your hands for 30 to 60 minutes and then removed.

If you have never had this type of manicure, a gift awaits you. Your hands are soft and hydrated and ready for your manicure.

Choose your favorite type of manicure basic, gel, acrylic, etc and relax. Paraffin manicures will take longer than most, so make sure you’re in no hurry to get anywhere.

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