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Types of mind game Apps

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types of mind game Apps

types of mind game Apps

Leaving aside the games of platforms , adventures , strategy and racing , who does not like thinking games ? Here we bring you a selection of proposals for Android that will help you exercise your mind and test your ability to solve riddles of all kinds.

Whether you go on the subway or if you are lying on the couch, any of these thirteen logic games will make you have a fun time. And be careful, because some are a real challenge and can get to hook a lot. Patience and keep improving, only requirements to end up passing the various tests.

Intelligence, memory and mental agility can be reduced if one does not train them often. Keeping the brain active on a regular basis helps you exercise it and enjoy many mental abilities. With the advancement of technology, you can have at your fingertips various applications that help with that purpose.

Thus, from the smartphone one can have the possibility of performing tests, tests and exercises that help improve the capabilities on a day-to-day basis, at any time and place.

Types of mind game Apps:



Lumosity is one of the best applications to train our brain. Seventy million people from 182 countries already test their cognitive skills with this application developed by neuroscientists and composed of more than 25 games and a daily training program.

Designed to expose our brain to gradually more difficult challenges, Lumosity minigames adapt to our individual skill level. And this application is something like a personal trainer of our brain.

After a first test session, Lumosity assesses our mental agility in order to offer us a personalized program aimed at developing 5 different areas of our mind: memory, attention, mental flexibility, information processing speed and problem solving.

The best thing about this application is that it is designed by scientific experts who offer a totally personalized training. It is available for the iOS and Android system. One can choose from more than 40 games, each of which exercises an area of the brain: memory, processing speed, attention and speed in solving problems.

The objective is to encourage different tasks to be carried out every day by way of cognitive training, to exercise memory, logic, critical thinking or mathematics.

The use of this tool was analyzed in more than 50 million users, most of which reflected improvements in their performance and brain agility. In addition, this application provides tips to improve the activity and information about each user’s cognitive patterns.


NeuroNation is a brain training program designed by neuroscientists composed of 23 exercises aimed at improving our concentration, our memory and our intelligence.

Like Lumosity or Fit Brains Trainer, NeuroNation evaluates our potential and develops a personalized training program for us. It also allows us to track our results and compare them with those of our friends.

Ten minutes of exercise a day is what we need to keep our brain in shape, or at least that is what the creators of NeuroNation assure.

In a complete app. What stands out is its ability to develop personalized training plans, depending on the needs of each user. Its operation is based on three distinct pillars: concentration, memory and intelligence. It is available for both iOS app and Android devices.

Thanks to scientific brain training, it will help with bad memory, concentration problems or slow thinking. It offers 27 exercises with 250 levels so that the brain progresses properly.


If you are interested in logic games, this powerful application has a lot to offer. Its fun card-shaped games will help improve memory, train the sense of reflex, increase accuracy and mental speed, learn color coordination or enhance mental abilities. As one progresses, the levels increase in difficulty.


It is designed to adapt to the user at each stage of the game. Unlike most applications, which based on an initial test propose a personalized but static training, Elevate adapts the training based on the progress of each user. Its operation is very simple, and it has a very intuitive and easy to understand interface. It is available for iOS and Android.

Elevate has more than 30 mini-games designed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience and cognitive learning with which you can improve your reading speed, your concentration, your memory and even your math skills.

According to its developers, Elevate training algorithms optimize the learning experience using research results in memory studies to develop a customized program for each user.

Elevate increases the degree of difficulty of the exercises as our cognitive skills improve and also offers detailed monitoring of our performance.

Based primarily on language as a formula for training mental skills, this application is only available in English , which can be an obstacle for those who do not master this language.

types of mind game Apps

Clockwork Brain:

It is not necessary to follow a rigorous brain training of several hours, but one can take advantage to stimulate the mind in spare time by solving puzzles or having fun with mini-games, each one developed to work a different cognitive ability. It was considered one of the 500 best applications in the world, according to The Sunday Times.

Smart – Brain:

games Smart offers puzzle and puzzle games (specifically 28 different) with more than 600 levels to improve memory, attention and flexibility of the brain, concentration and speed of reaction.

For each level that one surpasses will receive points that will accumulate. Each level lasts approximately one minute, is dynamic, entertaining and can be played without an internet connection.

It goes through difficulty levels, it is completely free and suitable for all ages. It is available on Android.


The nature of Eidetic is somewhat different from other applications. Its operation is based on the achievement of previously defined objectives, such as memorizing a telephone number or the name of a street.

Based on them, the application itself proposes a route that, by means of what is known as “spaced repetition”, helps to memorize practically anything. This app is available for iOS and Android.

Brain Trainer:

The name of the application itself says it all. Its main objective is that one exercises through the cell phone to train and exercise memory.

Brain trainer, it is very useful since it helps with short-term memory, to have greater accuracy, concentration and speed. At the same time that you have fun, you will encounter different challenges, thanks to the 20 types of games that it incorporates.

You will have to go through different tests, such as memorizing words, remembering faces, math skills, learning to concentrate and listening, among many others. In this way, you will be taking care of the health of your brain.


One usually takes care of physical appearance and health, but something that should not be neglected is mental health and cognitive abilities. With Memorandum you have the possibility of exercising various areas of the brain while playing.

These are mental challenges, with which the most important cognitive skills will be improved, such as logic, memory, reaction, attention and critical thinking. These games were developed by neuroscientists, who demonstrated that this type of training improves fluid intelligence as well as working memory.

The best brain training:

With a few minutes a day it will be enough to get the brain in shape. The best brain training will be able to evaluate and train each of its capabilities, not only memory, but perception, acuity, logic, analysis, calculation, etc.

It is a collection of fun games with which you will get scores, and you can compete with other users to see who gets the best results. These challenges are suitable for all ages.

Big brain:

Set of 25 games to train the mind based on problems of daily life and divided into five categories: calculate, identify, analyze, agility and memorize. The goal is to improve everyday use skills, such as finding a lost email address, or remembering the name of someone who has introduced us recently.


It has a variety of games designed to train more than 20 cognitive skills! These include: short-term memory, planning, hand-eye coordination and auditory perception. Its official website states that all its tools have been validated by scientists.

In addition, this app offers tools that researchers and health professionals can use in order to study and evaluate cognitive function in patients, adds Medical News Today. You can evaluate your individual cognitive performance and compare it with that of other users.


Not everything is memory and mathematics: your brain will also benefit from exercising your emotional intelligence! With this application you can set a goal (listen to yourself, smile more, take a deep breath, return a call) and the app will help you strengthen your commitment with frequent and random reminders, which will gradually reduce its frequency until you have internalized the habit, notes the Six Seconds site.

Memory Trainer:

Application for older and not so old because it is always good to have exercises that empower our mind and allow us to stay agile in issues such as numerical answer, language skills, simple logic problems, etc.

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