Different types of Nail Art Designs for You

types of Nail Art

types of Nail Art

Beautiful and decorative types of Nail Art immediately attract people’s attention, nobody will like it! That explains your style and mood. Sometimes elegant, sometimes elegant and elegant. Well, whatever your mood, we plan all the different types of dot designs to fit.

Since polka dot manicure is easy to do, anyone can create great and unique designs without spending hours in a salon. So, here are lovely, strange and incredibly unique nail art ideas for your inspiration!

This article shows the greatness of manicure. Now we offer some of the most interesting and completely different nail designs. These designs are different from conventional designs, such as strong nails provided with good basic colors and different from flashy decorations.

Many of these designs are simple enough for beginners to finish at home. These manicure designs suit the individual and should make an exquisite addition to their costumes, and for many to impress everyone with their creativity and personality.

Since many people who like to paint nail polish need to stand out in the team, nail art is very popular.

Drawing a beautiful pattern on your nails is an excellent way to classify yourself as well as demonstrate your ability. You can combine your design with your costume, or you can fight for an exciting difference.

Types of Nail Art:


Plain stickers with adhesive back:

These come in a variety of designs, from flowers to nail drawings. They are very easy to apply, stick and just peel.

You just have to be creative and there is no limit to beautiful manicures you can get. They are very pocket friendly. I had recently used Angry Bird stickers to create this blue nail art from Angry Bird.

Lace nail stickers:

Lace nail art stickers are very similar to the previous nail art stickers, but the only difference is the stripes. You must cut the lace sticker according to your needs and then paste it on your nails.

They also come in many designs and colors. I used 2 different types of lace patterns to create this look. They really look beautiful when you apply them.

3D nail stickers:

They have 3D effect for them. They also have adhesive backing and can be applied by peeling and sticking. They come in many designs and they look very beautiful! Especially the floral ones.

Fimo nail stickers:

These stickers are made of polymer clay and come in many cute designs. These are obtainable in the form of sticks or pre-cut shapes. For sticks, you must first cut them as thin as you can and then glue them to your nails. You can glue them with a good transparent nail paint or with nail glue.

Pre-cut fimo pieces are stored on wheels, where you can see the variety of designs in which they come.

types of Nail Art

Metal nail stickers:

As the name implies, they are made of metal and also come in many designs. They can be used to create decorative nails in your manicure. They stick with nail glue and are also known as metal decals.

These wheels contain many types of 3D nail art stickers, including metal, fimo and acrylic stickers. I used the hello kitty metal nail sticker to create this look.

Acrylic nail stickers:

Acrylic nail stickers are the same as metal ones, the only difference is that they are made of acrylics. They look very girls and beautiful.

I used an acrylic arch to create this nail design. It really didn’t consume much time. They are quite easy to do, once you have a special ability. I used an acrylic flower to create this one.

3D silica gel stickers:

They are made of silica gel and are very soft and flexible. You need a good transparent polish or nail glue to stick them on your nails.

Full nail stickers:

These stickers are to cover the entire nail and, although they are easy to apply, you still need some practice to do it right.

Gel-filled nail stickers:

They have two layers and the gel-like material is filled between these two layers. I haven’t used them yet, but I have a set of these stickers.

French tip sticker and french tip guides:

The French tip sticker covers the tips of the nails and is used to create very beautiful nail designs. They come in many designs.

French tips are also a form of stickers that serve as a guide to create French tips, are removed after painting the tip.

The French-tip nail art stickers are applied using the peel and stick method and cover only the tips of the nails, you can adjust its size by filing the excess.

Nail stickers with water slide or water decals:

First you must immerse them in water to remove the back sheet and transfer them to your nails. They come in many designs for complete nails too.

Here you can see that I have used two types of adhesives, hello kitty, water slides and fimo arc adhesives. You can always use two or more types of stickers to create amazing nail arts.

You have to be creative and there is no limit to what you can create! Have fun and keep it in style !!!

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