Different Types of Outdoor String Lights

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Types of String Lights

Types of String Lights


Is the sweet and lovely summer season just around the corner? If so, we know that you should be anxious to spend your free time outdoors. You will probably have your friends at home in your backyard to enjoy some summer nights with you, either playing cards or having a sincere conversation. Or if that is not your idea of the perfect summer night, then playing with your children until late at night or having a barbecue party with your family should surely be.

To make the most of these fun activities, it is important that the atmosphere and atmosphere of your outdoor space are up to par. But don’t worry, raising your garden or backyard doesn’t require much hard work. An immediate way to achieve a desirable outdoor space is by installing impressive rope lights. Yes, you read it right!

Having a light source in your beautiful outdoor area will improve the overall mood of your entire environment and prevent mosquitoes from bothering you.

The luminous space will effortlessly embellish the environment, making it look prettier than ever. If you become creative with your string lights, your exterior may have the potential to shine brighter than anyone in your neighborhood.

String lights come in many types, but we suggest you choose from the ones we have listed below. Why do you ask? Well, that is because these are some of the most sought-after outdoor string lights that can transform your outdoor environment in the most remarkable way.

Types of String Lights:


Types of String Lights

Jar String Lights:

Of all the outdoor string lights, jar string lights are definitely the most elegant option. Due to the beautiful effect that these lights emit, it is not surprising that they are only seen on special occasions such as weddings, wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, etc.

It is not common to see them hanging in your outdoor space on an informal night. These string lights are readily available in the market, but if for some reason you cannot find them, the good news is that you can also make them yourself!

You will need jars, depending on how long you want your rope to be, and some colored lights. Place some colored lights in each jar and tie them firmly to the rope. Be sure to invest in lightweight, durable and durable rope jars so that the ropes can handle the pressure imposed by the jars.

Commonly, people reuse wine bottles or any other glass bottle for a fun DIY bottle / jug lights. Another way to create these lights at home is to take some empty plastic water bottles, squeeze them randomly and place a colored LED light.

While these concepts are simple and easy to execute, the end result is always impressive. These lights have their own unique beauty that is captivating and magical.

Which of these radiant string lights will you choose to decorate your outer space? Hard to choose one, right? Consider some things before choosing with the lights you want to go with. The size of your outdoor space, the event you are celebrating and the type of environment you want to create.

Once you have decided on these three factors, choose one (or more) or the beautiful string lights mentioned above. You will be glad to have done it!

Twinkle Star LED String Lights:

Give your outer space a dazzling look by opting for something other than your average balloon or bulb-shaped lights. Our best option is the twinkling star LED lights! These attractive string lights give the illusion of real stars, which makes you want to spend the whole night under these beautiful “stars.” These lights are elegant and bright, so we recommend hanging them for special moments such as an outdoor wedding anniversary or a Christmas party.

Star string lights come in a mixture of small and large stars, creating a perfect harmony in your outdoor space. The brands that sell these rope lights ensure that these lights are equipped with waterproofing with an IP44 rating.

Another selling point is that these twinkling star lights also come in eight different modes: twinkle / flash, constant ignition, slow fade, flash / chase, sequential, slog it, and in waves and combination.

Due to its wide range of modes, you can change the style and design of your lighting, depending on the mood and the occasion.

LED Festoon Globe Lights:

These LED lights are a great addition to any garden or backyard, specifically due to their romantic and dreamy charm. They create a wonderfully cozy atmosphere when they are hung from the ceiling or tied around a dining room or seating area.

Yes, in case you don’t have anything to fix these lights around your seating or dining area, you can get lighting poles to suspend them and give a light effect instantly.

You can find LED ornament lights in various brands, but our best option for you is Brightown. Brightown LED string lights usually come in a globe that reminds us of the cosmos: the earth, the moon and other celestial objects.

They are surprisingly minimalist in style and design, but at the same time, they add the right amount of elegance to any outdoor area. These transparent bulbs tend to emit a warm white glow, illuminating a large amount of space in the blink of an eye.

The biggest advantage that you can get by investing in these lights in particular is the possibility of connecting at least 20 wires of them to obtain an intense lighting effect. Given their excellent quality and affordable price, it will not be a mistake to consider them a smart investment.

Solar LED Lantern String Lights:

With the flashlight string lights, you have the opportunity to create a surreal lighting experience that is ethereal in every sense of the word. These lights appear as traditional paper lanterns, but they are made of canvas, a material similar to a durable fabric that can last in all seasons, even in winter.

The best part of these string lights is that they work with solar energy, which helps you save on your energy bills. The surprising thing is that they remain on for a long period of time, up to 15 hours in stable mode, while they can last up to 20 hours in flashing mode.

To have a fun and festive atmosphere in your garden, install lantern rope lights. These lights will give your outdoor area an elegant and stylish feel.

Rope Lights:

String light is a decorative lighting fixture consisting of small bulbs enclosed in a PVC cover. This creates a long string of lights that can be used both indoors and outdoors, but are commonly used in open spaces such as a garden or patio.

String lights are known for their versatility; For example, they are not only used to decorate a patio or terrace, but can also be used to illuminate stairs or entangle sculptures to give them a bright effect.

You can have string lights in two common types as described below:

LED Rope Lights:

LED string lights come in colorful light bulbs that produce a bright tone for a long time. Note that these lights only appear colorful when they are on. Otherwise, they look colorless. LED string lights also consume less energy; for example, they consume only 1 watt per foot in power.

Due to their lower energy consumption characteristic, these rope lights tend to be expensive. However, they are worth the investment, as they are reliable and durable.

Incandescent Rope Lights:

This type of string light comes along with a color filter that joins around the bulb. This means that even when these lights are off, they still appear slightly colorful.

Unlike LED string lights, incandescent lights can consume more energy and produce more heat. They tend to consume 3 watts of light per foot, which is twice that of LED rope lights. Since these lights are not as effective in saving energy as LED cable lights, they tend to be less expensive. In fact, they are super accessible!

Colorful String Lights:

Bright and colorful string lights are generally used during holiday seasons such as Christmas or Easter. If any of these special occasions is just around the corner, go ahead and invest in these glitters and welcome the joyful event in its glamorous way.

When it comes to colored lights, you always have the option to mix and match the colored bulbs. For example, for Christmas, you can choose red, green and blue lights and for Easter, you can choose any fun combination of colors such as orange, pink and yellow or green, purple, red and blue: the options are many.

But hey, you don’t always need a holiday season to make the most of these multi-colored string lights. If you are happy and you know it, hang colored lights!

People who have invested in this type of LED lights have shared that these lights are easy to install and are effective enough to illuminate an entire patio or garden.

Outdoor Fairy String Lights:

Do you want to turn your patio, garden or backyard into a magical land? If you want to do it, install fairy string lights. While these types of string lights are commonly used in rooms, people have begun to consider them as a wonderful outdoor lighting option. So here you have the opportunity to make the most of them in your open air space.

The beauty of fairy lights lies in the fact that they appear as an attractive group of fireflies if they hang around green trees or shrubs. In this way, the lights stand out in a unique way. It is likely that many of your guests have never experienced such lighting before.

You can also make these lights hover over your terrace or patio. When, at night, you turn them on, they will look like a sky of beautiful stars over you. You can opt for this lighting idea when planning a romantic dinner with your partner or invite guests to a party.

The main purpose of most lights is to illuminate the surrounding area. But fairy lights work beyond that. They can be installed to make your backyard look elongated. All you have to do is install the lights in a geometric pattern (which will look like a transparent roof) at the same height as the roof of your backyard and watch the magic happen!

Vintage String Lights:

Do you intend to give a retro and timeless touch to your backyard or patio? Look no further than vintage string lights. Also known as Edison bulbs, these string lights have managed to retain their charming ancient appearance for centuries.

What makes these light bulbs remain so perfect even after all these years? It is the only way they produce a warm glow. The wire embedded inside the bulb produces a warm golden light that is quite pleasing to the eyes.

While these lights are not as bright as modern lights, they still create a pleasant and romantic atmosphere. What is better is that they are quite durable and of a lasting nature.

But if you want a longer lighting effect, look for lighting fixtures such as LED filament bulbs. These lights have the appearance of classic Edison bulbs, but consist of LED light emitters inside them.

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