Types of security cameras: How to choose?

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Types of security cameras

Currently there is a wide variety of types of security cameras to choose from. They vary according to their function, location or connection. In any case, in this article we explain all the available options and what you can use them for.

What types of security cameras can we find?

The first thing we have to do is know what our needs are. Once you know them and be clear, we must choose the type of camera system that suits us, there are two types:

  • Analog cameras.
  • IP cameras.
  • Analog cameras.

Types of security cameras

The analog security cameras are characterized by more expensive, but the safest time.

To install an analog security camera system it is necessary to do a previous wiring job. This installation process increases the price, however, this type of cameras cannot be inhibited.

The cable used for these systems is coaxial (used to transmit high frequency electricity signals) and sends the data to a central , the cable is protected so that if someone tries to manipulate or sabotage it, the alarm will jump.

Although the analog cameras do not have a direct connection to the Internet, the cameras are connected to a recorder that sends the images to a switchboard connected to a router. In this way, we can access the cameras through the Internet.


IP cameras:

The big difference of IP cameras is that they do not require installation, because they do not use wiring, they work through the Internet. This makes installation more economical and faster.

These types of security cameras are designed to be viewed through a device connected to the Internet (Smarphone / Tablet / PC) without having to go through a switchboard.

IP cameras, if they are vulnerable to inhibition. When the Internet signal is lost, the cameras are canceled. There is the option to wire the IP cameras and connect them to a CCTV ( CCTV ) . In this way, we can solve the problem of inhibition, however, we will see an increase in price since an installation process will also be necessary.

Types of CCTV cameras:

We can find different types of cameras both IP and analog:

Bullet camera:

They have this name because of their bullet shape, they are increasingly common in industrial facilities, also for outdoor homes with gardens.

Mini Dome Camera:

This type of cameras offers great versatility. Perfect for parking, offices or shops. They combine elegance and efficiency in a single being.

Compact camera:

They are a more powerful option than the previous one in terms of video quality. Useful both indoors and outdoors.

Motorized Dome Camera:

Their big difference is that they have horizontal and vertical rotation, 4-92 mm carifocal lens, privacy sensor and IP protection.

IP camera Cube:

It is the simplest option in terms of IP camera. Quick setup and installation. You can save images for 7 days.

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