Different Types of Skincare Tools

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The use of hands for skincare is so 2020. There are now a multitude of tools that cleanse more effectively, penetrate better into the product, and go back years faster than their worn feet.

However, electrical appliances have grown since the days of depletion (Slender tone pads for someone?). These gadgets are smart and painless partners in beauty crimes, promising first-rate results.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reverse some of your biggest beauty problems without reserving an expensive treatment, not to mention invasive in the office?

With technological advances in light therapy, smart devices, and multi function devices, you can now do it.

types of Skin Care Tools

Instead of visiting your dermatologist for a wrinkle cleansing, skin cleansing, and complexion thickening treatment, you can turn to reliable home skin care devices that get the job done with little to no recovery time .

Below, we’ve broken down the three most popular types of home treatments that can help you achieve your most flawless complexion yet, along with sharing lavish beauty devices to try.

It’s hard to imagine a world without smart devices, especially now that so many are focused on achieving our skincare goals.

While many beauty devices could be considered “smart,” these beauty devices are classified in this way because they can connect to the Internet, Bluetooth, and even specially designed mobile applications. Here are some smart beauty devices that we love right now.

Types of Skin Care Tools:

Smart mask treatment device:

If you are one of those who is resting with a sheet mask in a little time inhibiting, you need this in your life. The UFO from the Swedish company Foreo hit the UK terrain last year with a selection of custom masks with specialized Korean formulas. This is claimed to give you the same results as your favorite leaf masks in just 90 seconds.

First of all, download the app and turn on your golden UFO. Place the mask on top of the disk at the back and secure it. Then scan the barcode of one of the available masks, with names like Make My Day and Shimmer Freak (each one is designed to be used at certain times of the day and reacts with the Foreo device to suit different needs, and intuitively your device knows which mask you are wearing).

For example, Make My Day should be used in the morning and temporarily heated with red LED light therapy, cooling with green LED light towards the end of the treatment for a glow effect, while Call It A Night for bedtime it’s more heat. Focused,

There is a very zen woman speaking to you through the app with proper spa-style music to guide you through the 90-second hyper-treatment.The woman in the app can suggest that you repeat the treatment, and we can too: we get the remaining essence from the envelope and tear it a second time.

The reason this comes first is not only because of its ease of use and the creation of the products it promises, but it is also a real treat with well-made masks to suit all needs.

Kat Burki micro-firming wand:

This is the one we were most skeptical of so far, after the test, we were more surprised. A very simple silver wand, about the size of your index finger, promises to penetrate the product up to 40% deeper than simply applying it to your skin. You don’t connect this. Without application. No bells or whistles.

However, sometimes less is more and this is a testament to that fact. Once you place the product on your skin, take the wand and move it in small circles gradually until it is completely absorbed. It works with your body’s natural energies to activate itself.

The wand uses “iontophoresis”, which basically means that those little electric currents, along with vibrations, help the penetration of your favorite products. Serums, oils and moisturizers are welcome here.

The particularly wonderful things about this are, first, you don’t need to use as much product, which we loved, and second, after a couple of weeks of use, we definitely noticed a difference, specifically in our crow’s feet. They were much weaker than usual, and under their eyes they certainly felt more energetic.

A good tip is also to smear your lips with your favorite balm and use the wand there for a thicker pout. This also works equally well on the frown lines and around the mouth area. Don’t hit it until you’ve tried it.

Smart facial cleansing device:

The original sonic cleaning brush has recently been revamped with the Mia Smart, which can come with its selection of accessories for different uses.

Primarily, the cleanser is a soft, oscillating brush that deeply cleanses and cleanses pores. While the sonic eye accessory shapes your eyes under the eyes, there’s even a makeup accessory that helps paint your foundation – it does it all.

Another with a nifty app, this one helps sync routines for you specifically by having skin targets to work with, so if you want to “lift the skin” for example the app will guide you towards that goal, with a number of suggestions and tutorial videos to boot.

The brush is soft enough to work on all skin types, but start slowly if you are particularly sensitive, as the effective whistling can cause a tizz.

It’s perfect for those who want something low-maintenance as it does all the work for you and tracks your progress so you don’t have to. We notice a brighter, clearer and shinier skin. Note that you are heavier on the lazy scale but want to look like a regular at the spa.


types of Skin Care Tools

Gross spectralite eyecare:

LED light therapy at home is a booming industry, and this is one of our favorites that we acquired. If you ever wanted to look like one of the X-Men, or just terrify the unsuspecting, then this is an excellent tool. But most importantly, your dark circles and fine lines will show up while you’re at it.

LED light therapy works with different colors that have different properties when addressing skin problems. Red light in particular gives a boost to the skin’s natural cells and, as a result, promotes collagen.

This mask is extremely comfortable, with a thick, gelatinous fit. After cleaning, put on the orange bead as this will help the mask sit comfortably on your face. Turn on, wait three minutes, and the device automatically turns off. Done. Then repeat every day.

What’s particularly cool about this is that you can keep doing other things while it’s on. We would not recommend doing a spin class on it, but you understand the essentials.

Sure, initially it’s pretty bright, but you quickly get used to it, and with continued use, we definitely saw an improvement in brightness and overall va-va-voom around the eye area. There was also a noticeable difference in our expression lines, which we appreciated very much.

Beauty nanocurrent skincare device:

The device has four different treatments ranging from acne removal to eye and specific anti-aging treatment, ranging from two to 12 minutes in duration. Download the app and let’s see.

First, you need to grease your skin with one of the ZIIP conductive gels: gold is for firming and anti-aging, while silver is for hydration and hydration.

After sending her treatment to ZIIP via bluetooth, Melanie herself will personally guide you through the video tutorial, a nice touch. It is recommended to vary these treatments two or three times a week to obtain optimal results.

The treatment consists essentially of small electrical currents that pass through the device and penetrate the skin; it’s like taking your facial muscles to the gym. While this all sounds like something from Total Recall, it’s surprisingly smooth.

The only time we felt anything peculiar was in the neck, but it wasn’t aggressive, just a little more noticeable.

Over time, our faces looked well rested and generally came back to life, with a bit of elevation. It is a great compromise both in price and in time, but if you want a tool that does several things intelligently and without compromises, this is the option for you.

Foreo Iris Illuminating Eye Massager:

Looking to elevate your eye care regimen? This pulsating massager mimics the movements of manual massages to help take advantage of your favorite eye cream. With two modes, Pure and Spa, you have options to customize your treatment and make it as luxurious as any spa day.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask:

I’ve only used Neutrogena’s phototherapy mask a few times, but I’ve already noticed acne blemishes disappear, inspiring me to stick with the treatment.

Warning: It will dry your skin, but that’s what the moisturizer is for. However, the real benefit I get is my husband’s reaction every time I put on the mask.

Apparently, watching his wife transform into Jason Voorhees for 10 minutes a night is scary. Who knows!


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