Most Creative Types of Video Editing Software

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Types of Video Editing Software

If you believe that only studios that make long-term movies or large-budget music videos need expensive video editing software, you can’t be more wrong. Creating attractive video content to promote your product or brand also requires good tools to achieve your goal, especially with the current business and consumer environment focused on video.

The good news is that you have these tools readily available and very often within budget. We have it covered with our line of the best video editing software. In this article, we will explore some of the best video editing solutions in today’s market.

Recording videos in digital format is quite easy today, thanks to your smartphone or digital camera. It is the postproduction part that needs serious tools, even more so if you need to edit in 4K or higher resolutions. For this, you will need an editing software with higher level features.

For your message to be effective, your medium must be well designed, and to do this, you need the best video editing software solution that works for your project, whether on film, TV or online.

We will review some of the highlights and capabilities of the different video editing products, as well as their pricing plans, subscription fees and licensing options. Note that some of them have free editions or are available as free open source platforms.

Many of them have similar tools and functionalities, but they also have different characteristics. We will present them below so you can reduce your options to find the most suitable software for your business.

Types of Video Editing Software

Types of Video Editing Software:

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Adobe Premiere Pro increase the bar when it comes to professional video editing software. Its main feature, in addition to its powerful capabilities, is that it works and supports any platform, format, camera and device.

It can be run on PC and Mac machines and has extensive tools to help you with your project, regardless of whether it is a 30-second clip or a feature film. Therefore, each new version or update brings new features and improvements.

For example, its last launch before 2018 closed included support for more HDR formats and media, new preset exports and faster playback / decoding for Canon Cinema RAW Light footage on PC with Windows 10 multicore.

With Adobe Premiere Pro, you get access to features and tools for basic and advanced editing. You can open and work on several projects simultaneously, change scenes and transfer clips and sequences from one video project to another.

You will get all the advantages and features of Adobe Premiere Pro, such as simple and precise color gradation, sliding sound panels to improve audio, immersive and complex virtual reality editing, smooth workflows and responsive interface.

The software integrates with other Adobe products to provide you with a solid creative suite. Adobe products are called CC or Creative Cloud, which means that the online platform can be accessed from any connected device.

Types of Video Editing Software

Final Cut Pro:

Final Cut Pro is an Apple product; Therefore, you can expect superior quality with cutting-edge tools. The software has professional-level video or audio editing ability designed to take advantage of the powerful computing performance of MacBooks with its latest-generation graphics processors and CPUs.

The fusion of robust hardware and software means that you get a fast and flawless video edition and the ability to create spectacular videos. Final Cut Pro comes with several types of built-in individual effects, motion graphics, filters and enhancement tools.

It can support RAW formats, HDR materials and also 360 degree video. It offers not only video or audio editing features, but also tools to automatically organize your clips and collections, and deliver your video files directly to your Apple devices, online video sites, or via Blu-ray and DVD.

One of its many featured tools is a magnetic timeline that has no clues, which, compared to the typical video timeline, allows you to crop and move clips without affecting the rest of the video.

Final Cut Pro also has one of the most extensive ecosystems that exist, allowing you to integrate dozens of third-party tools, add-ons, devices and content directly into the software interface.

While the software is implemented locally on your machine, it allows you to upload and download files from cloud storage and storage media sites to facilitate collaboration and sharing.

You can also manage and archive your digital assets online and obtain your materials from almost any type of camera or capture or storage device.


macXvideo stands out as the first free video processing software for ultra high definition 4K video. It is not an Apple product, but is created by Digiarty Software, Inc. for use on Mac computers.

The video editing Software makes it easy to edit and compress UHD videos of up to 8K resolution without loss of quality. You can decrease or increase the quality of the video according to your specifications, as well as edit, encode and decode 4K videos and even higher resolution.

With its cutting-edge technology, the software makes editing, modifying and transcoding UHD video materials quick and easy compared to expensive video editing tools.

macXvideo offers a variety of editing capabilities to help you convert raw video materials into professionally made movies. It has tools to trim, cut, merge, split, audio enhancements, variable playback speed and video subtitles / subtitles.

It also has advanced tools to control and adjust colors, contrast, hue, saturation and gamma. The software can process videos from any source and is compatible with all types of formats, quality, size and codecs.


Filmora has been called “video editor for all creators” with its line of powerful tools to help you produce videos to the limits of your imagination. It has overlays, filters, custom titles, transitions and other effects tools.

It also has several sound enhancement features that allow you to equalize the audio, eliminate background noise and make keyframes.

In addition to the basic video editing, it allows you to make advanced compositions such as clip layers and use the green screen to change the backgrounds. It allows you to import multiple videos and use up to one hundred layers of multimedia materials.

The software is compatible with 4K videos and stands out for quick and easy rendering. It provides a split screen function to help you work on multiple movies that play simultaneously in a single video.

It also offers a sophisticated text editing feature that allows you to modify the font style, size, colors and borders, and change some parts of the clip to include texts. Filmora runs on Windows and Mac computers and has several pricing plans for school, individual and commercial use.


WeVideo is an online video editing platform that you can access and use anywhere, on any device and browser. It can run on PC, Mac and Chromebook, as well as Android and iOS devices.

The software offers advanced video editing tools that are easy to use through a simple interface. It uses a patented JumpStart technology that combines cloud-based video editing with the benefits and advantages of the desktop.

What it does is allow you to immediately start editing your video using multimedia files stored in your local storage without having to wait for them to load in the cloud. Take advantage of and access powerful cloud-based computing without waiting time.

With WeVideo, you can create, capture, view and share your high resolution videos online. It can work and support not only several videos, but also various image, audio and graphics formats. It is capable of editing multiple tracks and managing different files and multimedia elements.

Nero Standard:

Nero Standard is a Windows PC software on the premises that offers four programs in a high-definition multimedia package.

Its multimedia capabilities allow you to edit videos, music and images; stream, play and organize your multimedia files; convert and rip DVD and audio / video files; and copy, burn and archive files to disk. With its features and functionalities, Nero Standard is also known as the “Swiss knife for digital masterpieces”.

For editing, you have a 1-click Video Story tool that allows you to easily import and drag clips, images and audio files to the home screen to create full-screen movies and slide shows at once.

You also get the conversion with a click of audio CD and video disc, and drag-and-drop operation to burn files and data directly to DVD, CD or Blu-ray Disc. Your files on disks are password protected, 256-bit encryption and disk optimization.

While implemented locally on your PC, Nero offers multimedia storage in the cloud and integration with Microsoft OneDrive for quick access and download of your files online.


Most popular video editing software iMovie is a free tool for Apple devices. You can download it from the App Store for your iOS smartphones and tablets, and your macOS laptop and desktop.

The basic software provides tools for editing video clips and photos, importing files from cloud storage or local drives, adding music and titles and creating effects and titles. It is also capable of making the necessary adjustments, such as video enhancements, color correction and transitions.

For example, you can capture and cut photos using your iPhone, then use iCloud Drive to transfer clips or photos wirelessly to your iPad or Mac, where you can use additional functions to give finishing touches such as special effects, fades or background music.

iMovie can work in 4K video and comes with dozens of styles that allow you to produce credits and animated titles. You can also choose from 10 different filters and apply them to give cinematic effects in individual clips or throughout your video.

The latest version of iMovie offers more special effects such as the ability to change the speed to highlight action shots.

There are also split screen effects, image in picture and green screen (available in iMovie for macOS) that allow you to change the backgrounds of your subjects. Similarly, it comes with built-in tools to add voiceovers, music and other audio elements and effects.

DaVinci Resolve:

DaVinci Resolve is a high-end video and audio postproduction platform equipped with sophisticated features and advanced capabilities. It offers cutting-edge tools for color correction, video editing, audio enhancements and special effects designed to help you create projects at the Hollywood level.

It is a leading program in the industry used for postproduction and finishing of feature films, television programs and commercials of great budget. Regardless of whether your project is for the small or large screen or the web, you can take advantage of the powerful features of DaVinci Resolve that include color correction, motion graphics and Fairlight audio with almost 100 improvements.

Its Fusion visual effects page gives you a complete 3D workspace with more than 250 tools for embedding, compositing, vector painting, tracking, rotoscopy, text animation and more.

It boasts a playback engine for high performance editing and fast processing even for heavy RAW formats, and multi-camera editing for up to 16 cameras and playback views. Local software can run on Windows, Linux and Mac systems and is compatible with all major postproduction applications, media types and file formats.


VideoPad is an intuitive and complete video editing software designed to help you create professional videos easily. You can create videos and burn them to DVD and Blu-ray , send videos to your mobile devices or share them online.

It works with all major video, audio and image formats and has versions that can run on Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and Kindle. The software comes with more than 50 visual effects and allows 3D video editing, as well as 2D to 3D conversion.

You can place overlays, effects and texts on 360-degree videos, add subtitles and credits and use green screens to change the backgrounds.

VideoPad also offers audio and effects enhancement tools, which allow you to add and mix music or audio tracks, or import free sound effects from a database.

The software optimizes the video with tools to adjust colors, slow down or accelerate playback and stabilize the video. You can also burn videos to discs, share videos on social networks or export videos in different resolutions from HD to 4K.


VEGAS Pro is a major league player in the video editing industry, which offers professional tools to produce, modify and improve movies, videos and audio materials, as well as to create discs.

Its solid workflows and editing capabilities allow you to create movies and videos with ease, speed and flexibility. You can optimize the pc hardware and GPU, provide an intuitive timeline workflow, save window designs, offer dynamic storyboards and perform video stabilization and motion tracking, to name a few in its long list of features.

VEGAS Pro is compatible with 4K UHD, multi-camera editing, 3D settings, composition and layers, 360-degree editing, HDR footage and color matching.

Audio editing is facilitated through multitrack audio capabilities, decoding and encoding of surround sound, dozens of audio effects and real-time audio recording.

VEGAS Pro is associated with The Open Effects Association (OFX), which provides the software with video add-ons and filters, ensuring you have the correct effects you need for your video project.


Magisto is a cloud-hosted video editing software specifically designed for commercial video editors to help them build customer relationships, improve brand awareness and increase sales.

Created for the specific purpose of creating product and marketing videos, the software simplifies the process in three simple steps: upload your videos and images to the software site, choose a style and a soundtrack for the site’s library and allow a Video maker powered by AI process and edit your video.

You can then host the finished video on your website with the native software player or distribute the video through its advertising platforms, social media pages or through its content and email marketing.

In addition to being able to create videos quickly through smart editing tools, you can also view information about your video marketing campaigns, such as your audience’s viewing behavior, which video content gets the most views, and which one works best.

Magisto offers a variety of editing styles. With your partnership with iStock, you get access to unlimited HD clips and high-resolution images that you can use for your commercial videos.


Lightworks is a complete video editing and creation solution that has built its reputation since it was first introduced two and a half decades ago. Since then, it has been used as a postproduction and video editing tool for highly successful films such as Pulp Fiction, Heat and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Its features and capabilities have been made available to all those who seek to create movies and videos not only for the big screen but also for the web, such as social networks and video sharing sites.

It is very easy to create your video masterpieces with best tools for editing and trimming the timeline, real-time audio and video effects, extensive file format support, sequence classification and video export.

Its intuitive and simple user interface allows you to quickly start your video project with all the tools directly accessible from the timeline. It comes with several effect packages, as well as direct access to the Audio Network for royalty-free music and Pond5 for archive videos.

Lightworks runs on all major operating systems, supports all popular files and formats, quickly exports files to online sites and is optimized for fast processing and accurate editing.

Windows Movie Maker:

Windows Movie Maker first came out in September 2000 when it was included with Windows ME.

Over the years, it was included in the installation packages of the new operating systems that Microsoft introduced, from Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, until January 2017, when Microsoft stopped supporting it and replaced it With another application.

For almost two decades, it underwent improvements, added new features and became the default video editing tool for millions of Windows PC users who adored it for its simplicity and robust features.

Windows Movie Maker is still alive for its multitude of users and can be downloaded, even for free, from reliable sites. You can click on the product link to read our full software review.

So what is in Windows Movie Maker that made it a favorite? On the one hand, it came preinstalled on your new Windows PC and was ready to use. Second, it was easy to use with its intuitive tools.

Thirdly, it had powerful features and was quite advanced for its time when it first came out. More capabilities were introduced with each new version.

Its key features include the ability to organize photos, videos, audio and other multimedia files that you will use in your project; tools to add effects, transitions and text to your movie; and publishing your movie on social networks and other online sites directly from the software.


Avidemux is an open source and zero cost video editing software designed for simple video editing and processing.

The software is a lightweight and free video editing solution that supports a wide range of files and audio / video formats. It is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

You can cut, copy and delete parts of a video and apply visual effects or filters. You can also insert audio streams into a video (a process called multiplexing) or vice versa: extract audio parts from a video (what is known as demuxing).

You can also resize video files and transcode videos in a variety of formats such as MP4, AVI and MPEG-2. It offers partial support for modern formats such as WebM, Opus and AV1.

The three main capabilities of Avidemux are cutting, filtering and coding. The first allows you to choose and cut, copy, delete and paste a part of a video and save it in a different file format.

Meanwhile, filtering allows you to alter videos such as focusing and resizing the file, deinterlacing, adding color profiles and inserting titles. The audio can also be modified and improved.

Encoding and decoding allow you to convert a video input to digital format to be compatible with popular web media players, as well as to run on mobile devices


Wideo is an online video platform that specializes in creating animations. You don’t have to make the animations yourself, as there are more than 80 pre-built video animation templates that you can use and edit to create commercial, product, promotional, tutorial and explanatory videos.

It has been reported that more than half of marketing specialists already use animation software to transmit messages and tell stories, and Wideo takes advantage of it with an affordable and easy-to-use solution.

Outsourcing your animation videos to animators and professional designers is expensive. Now you can do it yourself in minutes with the drag-and-drop functionality, which allows you to create, edit and customize templates ready to carry your message and reflect your brand.

There are also tools to edit text, check spelling, replace images and share and export the finished video to YouTube. Wideo is intended to help increase your ROI in less time and make your marketing campaigns more effective through engaging and fun videos.

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