Types of Water Sports

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Types of Water Sports

Water sports are always full of fun. The excitement of enjoying the deep blue water, the fresh wind that blows in your hair and the adrenaline you get while doing sports can be very exciting.

Some can be dangerous or extreme, while others can be relaxing and energizing. But one thing is for sure, whether for pleasure or competition, has a universal appeal.

Be it individual  water sports, team sports or recreational sports, these are the different types of water sports.

Individual water sports bring out the best of every competitor that competes. These sports need different skills, but in general, they require strength, endurance, determination and a desire to win and excel.

Types of Water Sports:


Swimming is one of the most popular types of water sports all over the world. It has evolved to become one of the most ordinary recreational activity.

Swimming competitions are ordinary, and many of them take place in swimming pools or in open water like lake or seas. It tests the body’s fitness and stamina. It’s a great workout for the whole body.


Surfing involves riding a surfboard on the front face of a wave, breaking waves towards the shore in an upright or standing position. It is the most common surface water sport based on boards.

Types of Surfers catch ocean, river and even man-made waves where there are waves to ride. The balance develops when surfing, since you must maintain the correct posture while riding the waves.

Water skiing:

Water skiing is a surface sport that is basically water skiing. A water skier needs 2 or a single ski to rub or slide along the surface of the water.

With the help of a ski cable or a rope, the pilot is dragged by a high speed motorboat with the help of a ski cable.

Water skiing is part of all the most important water sports championships, such as the Olympic Games, World Championships and World Games.

Wake Boarding:

Also known as cable wakeboarding, this type of sport is a type of surfing: ride a board in a prone position while being towed by a high speed boat.

The board used in wakeboard is specifically designed with fins and weights to allow the cyclist to manipulate it with his feet.

In addition to surfing, wakeboarding is inspired by snowboarding and water skiing, and is often performed on smaller bodies of water such as lakes.


At first, skimboarding seems to surf, but they differ in the way riders star. Surfers swim first to the deepest parts of the ocean and anticipate the waves, but skimboarders start on the beach and dive with the board in the water of the previous waves.

After that, they ride the next wave back to shore. Skimboarders use a skimboard, which is very similar to a surfboard but smaller and without fins. Skimboarding is also known as skimming.

It is usually done in lakes and rivers, unlike the surf that is usually done in the sea or the ocean. Skimboard competitions are usually held at World Championships and at events such as United Skim Tour, Skim USA and European Skimboard League.


Another surface water sport, bodyboarding is a sport in which the surfer rides the bodyboard in a prone position on the crest, face and curl of a wave.

The bodyboards used in bodyboards vary according to the specifications of the riders, such as height and weight and driving style.

They usually use swimming fins for propulsion and control while riding a breaking wave. The sport is also called boogieboarding.

The world championships are held for bodyboarders, and the champion is determined on the world tour of the International Bodyboarding Association.

Types of Water Sports


The paddleboard consists of kneeling or lying down or standing on a surfboard or a surfboard in the ocean while being propelled with a shovel by a swimming movement. This sport is usually done in the open sea.

A derivative of this sport is called stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) or stand-up paddle surfing. Like surfing, the first thing to learn here is how to balance yourself while on the paddle board, then learn to move in the water using the shovel.

In competitions, participants usually paddle and surf uninterrupted waves to cross between islands or go from one shore to another.

Cliff jumping:

Cliff diving is the least complicated extreme sport. You don’t need any equipment to dive on cliffs, but you need courage and the ability to swim in deep water.

In cliff diving, you only need to dive into a high cliff and dive into the calm waters below. But before diving on the cliff, make sure that the area where you dive is safe for the sport.

The height from which divers dive into the waters below is around 85 feet, which is equivalent to jumping from the eighth floor of a building.

A World Series cliff diving competition is held annually for professional divers and avid for cliffs around the world.


In kitesurfing, the surfer stands on a small surfboard or wakeboard and is dragged by a kite. Also known as kite boarding or sky boarding, this sport combines aspects of surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, sailing, paragliding, skateboarding and snowboarding in an extreme sport. The surfer harnesses the power of the wind using a large controllable kite.


Windsurfing is about using surf technique and navigation skills. Using a surfboard with a fixed sail on a moving mast, the surfer has to move with the waves to control the board.

While moving with the waves, the surfer must also handle the sail according to the winds. It is a popular surface water sport and is included in many local and international competitions, as well as in the Olympic Games.

Water motorcycling:

If you are prepared for a fun water race, water skiing is an exciting sport to consider trying. It is mounted on a single-man water machine, the jet ski, and runs on a body of water such as the sea or the lake.

With freestyle water skiing, you can also do somersaults and jump on a ramp. Competitive jet skiing takes place between 10 and 20 runners on an established route.


Triathlon is a type of race that involves swimming, cycling and running several distances in immediate succession.

It is a multi-stage race that measures endurance, fitness and endurance. Triathlon is a popular sport that has recently been included in the Olympic Games. It is also one of the competitions involved in the Ironman series and the World Cup Championships.

Synchronized swimming:

Synchronized swimming is a combination types of swimming, dance and gymnastics. It is about performing elegant movements, elaborated and synchronized in the water, accompanied by music.

It requires advanced water skills, aerobic endurance, flexibility, strength, grace, creativity, perfect timing, as well as exceptional breath control when face down underwater.

Swimmers cannot touch the bottom of the pool in synchronized swimming.

In addition, only women can compete in the Olympic Games and World Championships, but there are other synchronized swimming competitions that are open to men.

Synchronized Diving:

In synchronized diving, two divers perform exactly the same dive simultaneously. And it’s not just getting off a board and jumping, it also involves stunts while the diver falls.

In addition, there are rules and particular forms of diving and diving to follow. It is a popular and highly competitive Olympic event that can also be done alone.

Water polo:

Also called football in the water, water polo is an energetic sport in which players must swim and defend the ball to try to score in the opponent’s goal.

It is played by teams of seven with a floating ball that looks like a soccer ball. But it’s more like football and basketball and handball than polo.

It is intense and competitive, and is one of the oldest Olympic events. It involves a full body workout, a rigorous game and many strategies.


Rowing is a sport in which athletes compete while traveling by boat in the ocean, river or lakes. It implies propelling a rowboat. It can be recreational, physical or competitive, where athletes join in boats and compete with each other.

The force of the runners on the paddle blades while rowing drives the boat forward.

The capacity of the vessels in which athletes compete varies, from an individual frame to a frame for eight people. Rowing is also one of the oldest sports included in the Olympic Games.


For lovers of extreme sports and lovers of emotion, rafting is a much sought after sport. It is a water sport full of action that consists of rowing and drifting in a white water river, usually accompanied by a trained guide.

The beams are riding an inflatable raft that must be maneuvered over rough or dangerous waters in a river by a team of 4-12 people. It is a well-known leisure sport, ideal for an exciting vacation that you will remember for the rest of your life.

The difficulty level of the water depends on the location. It is also done during the rains when the river’s current is at its peak, but it becomes a bit more dangerous, especially when the rains are accompanied by lightning.


Kayaking is a popular water sport that involves the use of a kayak to move around the water. A kayak is a small, narrow boat typically driven by a double blade shovel.

The rower sits in a low seat in the kayak with legs extended in front. Most kayaks have closed springs, but inflatable and seat kayaks are also popular. It is done in white water rivers, lakes and seas.

For those looking for strong emotions, kayaking the rapids is an exciting sport, but it is dangerous and needs a lot of practice to master it. It is part of the Olympic events and is a fast growing outdoor activity.


Canoeing is distinguished from kayaking, since this sport uses a single blade blade instead of a double. Also, in canoes, the rower sits in an elevated seat or kneels at the bottom of the boat.

Canoeing can be done individually or in groups in rivers, lakes, oceans or even water parks. It can be relaxing or adventurous depending on the type of water in which canoeing.


Sailing is a general term: basically it is about traveling on water in a boat or boat that has sails. But as a sport, use electric sails and wind to propel the boat forward on the surface of the water.

A heading is defined through the direction of the wind, which is called the navigation point. It is a competitive sport involved in competitions such as the World Sailing Championship, the Sailing World Cup and, of course, the Olympic Sailing Regatta.


If what you are looking for is speed and career, motor navigation will be a pleasant sport for you. Motor boats are a kind of racing boats that reach speeds high enough to pump adrenaline.

These boats have a high power / weight ratio and a hull designed to allow greater speed and better handling. It offers a fun and enjoyable ride that allows recreational or competitive races.

Of yachts:

Technically, sailing is sailing or sailing on a yacht. Yachts are sailboats or motorboats designed for fast sailing and can be used for racing or luxury cruises.

Most of the yachts are owned by individuals and are large enough to contain a cabin or a room inside, but even small and cabinless motor boats are also described as yachts.

There are also events for yacht competitions, such as the Copa América, the oldest, most exclusive and prestigious yacht racing event.

Dragon Boat Racing:

Originally from China, dragon boat racing emerged as a modern international water sport. It is the most popular activity during the Dragon Boat Festival.

Participants paddled while traveling in a dragon boat, which is a wooden boat shaped and decorated with a Chinese dragon design.

This boat varies in size and capacity, but generally measures between 20 and 35 meters long and needs 30 to 60 people to paddle.

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